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    Hi guys,
    So with iOS 7 jailbreak soon to arrive and beautifully designed applications in the App Store, wouldn't it be great to have some kind of source with the correct information about theming iOS applications. I am a huge customiser, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too! But, not everyone has money to spend on applications they don't have. So when you're making a theme but you don't have an iOS application to rely on for icon_names.png, you cannot theme it because you don't have the icon, nor the icon names.

    What I'm saying is that....
    • we as designers need to know application names
    • we as designers need to know the correct BundleID
    • not everyone is able to buy every application in the App Store

    We need to maybe make a spreadsheet with all this information so we can quickly get accurate information. For example...

    Application Icon Application Name Bundle ID icon_name.png App Store link
    iOS icon information-garageband_120x120.png GarageBand com.apple.garageband garageband_120x120.png https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/gara...85?mt=8‎

    If something familiar has came across like this, let me know!
    2013-10-25 07:29 AM
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    Jailbreak soon to arrive? My money is u won't see it till next yr.

    Anyway we started a thread here in regards to the internals of iOS7.

    Yip we have the 7.0 IPSWs (A4 firmware) extracted so access to ALL files.


    We have also spoke about iOS7 near the end of the 6X thread I created


    Our thoughts are, until iOS7 is actually themeable it probably isn't worth diving in it too much.
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    2013-10-25 08:47 AM
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    There's at least 2 spreadsheet style databases, but they've gone offline in the last month by the looks of it. I used them to theme 100's of icons for theme add-ons. There's no icon image, but google will show you that I'd prefer without the image in the main spreadsheet, as it's already cluttered as it is. With the recent weekly app updates that change the icon name for iOS7 support, these DB's are of limited use now anyway. Thank you.


    2013-11-09 06:10 AM