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    Apparently, this is the only way to get LTE on a iPad 3rd gen on T-mobile.

    Here is where you can get a Free SIM too! Prepaid Phones | Pay as You Go Prepaid Cell Phones | T-Mobile Note: The free Prepay sim works, so you dont need to get the Data only SIM for $10. I am using the free one now.

    Ok, So I got my SIM, and activated it, and low and behold, it only shows 3G with no LTE option. So, what I did is take the iPhone 5 hacked .ipcc, and created a iPad version.

    Download it here: T-mobile iPad Carrier for LTE.zip

    Turns out that the hacked one isn't totally compatible, so I made one with T-mobile's default PRI.

    Download it here: T-mobile iPad Carrier for LTE-default pri.zip

    You will need either TetherMe($$), or ComCenter* patch for iOS 5+ (Free) from v.backspace.jp/repo.

    1. Back up all your info in iTunes...just in case...I don't want to feel responsible if you mess
    something up.

    2. Make sure iTunes accepts custom carrier bundles...if it doesnt type in the following commands:

    Windows x64:
    open command prompt, type in
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes
    Press enter
    iTunes.exe /setPrefint carrier-testing 1
    Windows x32:
    same parenthetical info as above
    cd C:\Program Files\iTunes
    Press Enter
    iTunes.exe /setPrefint carrier-testing 1
    open up terminal, type commands:
    defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool true
    Press Enter

    3. After you have put in the commands for your operating system, open iTunes.

    4. Hold the Shift key (windows users) or the Alt key (mac users) and click "Update".

    5. Navigate to the carrier update and double click on it.

    6. Restart your device.

    If you want to remove the carrier updates from your phone, use Carrier Update Remover from the Backspace repo.

    It can be finicky when it is first installed. I had to reboot my iPad, and turn Cellular Data off and on. But now my iPad is rocking LTE

    Here is my proof

    BTW, I live in a 5 MHz LTE bandwidth market, so the speeds arn't that blazing... But hey! Its free!
    How: Enable LTE for T-mobile on your jailbroken iPad 3,4,mini so you can use 200M Free!-img_0263.png
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    2013-11-23 12:09 AM
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    Sadly I could not get this to work on my ipad 3 with tmobile sim card, I know my house gets lte data as My tmobile iphone 5 gets lte. But after doing both .ipcc above my ipad wont do LTE

    I am jailbroken using ios 7.0.4 on my gen 3 ipad

    Also tetherme works, but commcenter patch is not compatible with ios 7 yet so maybe when that's updated It will work
    2013-12-30 06:29 AM
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    Yes, for iOS 7, it will need a different solution. I will need the carrier bundle from an iPad 4, or air to get one that has the proper signatures. I did post http://modmyi.com/forums/ipad-jailbr...ml#post6975059 to see if someone could send it to me. Once I get it, I will give instructions on how to set it up, or create a ipcc (If it works that way), or create a .deb and put it on a repo. It would pretty much move the original one for safe keeping, then install the new one, and if you remove it, it will put the original one back.
    2013-12-31 07:49 AM
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    Does this help in our quest for lte on ipad 3 ios 7.0.4

    Or are we still looking for bundle from ipad 4 or air cellular gsm model?
    2014-01-06 07:29 AM
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    Hi Jqwest and jaminmc,
    I hold an jailbroken ipad 3. gen with ios 7.04 as well and the patch above didnīt work for me either. I have TetherMe installed (bought it long time ago for my first ipad). Installing CommCenter from v.backspace.jp/repo unfortunately fails. Where did you get the patch for ios7 from? In addition I am not sure if LTE will ever work on my ipad3 here in Germany. I guess it will only work if the prc packages above change the frequencies for LTE. Do they?
    2014-02-11 11:54 AM
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    2014-02-11 06:12 PM