1. luqven's Avatar
    This i a sweet mod/skin for the installer. It consists of some of my prior themes, but the images have been re-worked to look smoother.
    ( there is a read me file included you don't have to read these)

    The "AppStore Theme" goes in var/root/library/customize/installerimmages
    The rest of the images go in Applications/Installer
    ( or appstore if renamed ).
    I have included some screenshots for you to compare.

    here is a link that shows you how the boot screen looks.
    Attached Thumbnails AppStore Installer Skin-screenshot-2.png  
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    2008-03-24 08:38 AM
  2. luqven's Avatar
    Forgot the appstore screen shot.
    Attached Thumbnails AppStore Installer Skin-appstore-screen-shot.png  
    2008-03-24 08:40 AM
  3. reppin4you's Avatar
    Great theme, looks nice.
    2008-03-24 09:42 AM
  4. luqven's Avatar
    I have been working on getting the background of the installer to go from white to grey, but with no success. Any ideas...
    2008-03-24 05:02 PM
  5. djase's Avatar
    var/root/library/customize/installerimmages doesn't exist on my 1.1.4 !
    2008-03-24 10:50 PM
  6. iFilipino's Avatar
    Looks nice, not super unbelievable though.
    Click that "Thanks" button if I helped you!
    2008-03-24 11:06 PM
  7. luqven's Avatar
    do you have customize?
    if you have the alpha you done have that option. By the way I'm on 1.1.4 and its there.
    2008-03-25 12:56 AM
  8. djase's Avatar
    yes i have it v1.21 custom
    no customize folder in var/root/library
    2008-03-25 05:15 PM
  9. luqven's Avatar
    Are you sure you went to var/root/library/Customize? If you did, then try var/mobile/library/customize
    2008-03-25 06:29 PM
  10. djase's Avatar
    it's ok my apologies good job 'bro
    2008-03-25 07:43 PM
  11. luqven's Avatar
    Thanks =)
    2008-03-26 12:16 AM
  12. Joelabete's Avatar
    Thanks man !!
    2008-03-26 12:19 AM
  13. luqven's Avatar
    no prob
    2008-03-27 07:22 PM
  14. luqven's Avatar
    should i make a customize installer images file set with these?
    2008-04-05 10:26 PM
  15. StealthBravo's Avatar
    2008-04-06 06:14 AM
  16. rubn80's Avatar
    is there any way to remove the App Store image when you open Installer?? please answer
    2008-04-29 04:12 AM
  17. luqven's Avatar
    Ssh to applications/installer or appstore/ and replace the default.PNG with the origional.
    2008-04-29 04:30 AM
  18. super51fan's Avatar
    the background file is in the other.artwork file
    2008-05-04 01:02 AM
  19. Kylecchh's Avatar
    Very nice, love it!
    2008-05-04 09:49 PM
  20. gfash's Avatar
    hi, loved your installer theme. but there is one little thing could you make backup-2 and backup-3 to match eash other, and they are to big, looks little wierd. rest is great.
    2008-05-22 02:54 AM
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