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    Hey people/Jailbreakers/iOS users etc.

    Presenting to you

    Loving Red

    #LovingRed (THE theme for Valentine's Day!) [iOS 7] [iPhone 4/4S + 5/5C/5S]-52c8006e052d0.png

    I'm gifting this theme to everyone here for Valentine's Day (I know it's way too early for this but you'll be already prepped)

    It's actually just iOS 7 but much cleaner and a lot of red (and Red is the most used color when we talk about love, right?)

    It features all the Standard app icons (which were needed to be customized)
    And soon when Winterboard is iOS 7 Compatible a lot more features!

    This is the first theme in the "Subject's iPhone Colors" series which is being released.

    Also coming soon, #LovingRed CCControls Addon, so you can also go
    Lovinggg on your Control Center :P

    Don't forget for support and news to follow me @Subject4S

    Thanks to @iHaz3 for the Cydia Icon & Xpod (@iJailPod) for fixing my Clock Icon


    1.1 [Current]

    Recreated clock icon from scratch
    Added contacts icon

    Initial Release
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