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    Best to try to change a few icons
    now I tomtom found the right folder, but when I change the icons happened ..... now I have not seen in the plist file that contains a link to tomtom itself with the icon can maybe someone help me how I solving
    thank you in advance

    2015-01-17 01:45 PM
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    thanks for the answer. Sorry, was short on time yesterday, so I forgot to mention that I already did that and it didn't work... I also copied [email protected] to [email protected] so that both versions would be in the folder. And I also only left [email protected] in there..
    The only way it worked was with IconBundles, but then when pressing the icon it is not going to "grey out" completely, there is a small frame which will stay white. Also the animation when opening the App itself was buggy (showed round corners in the zoom animation to fullscreen).

    After installing AppInfo beta I see the icons used for the apps, how do I know which of them is the correct one?! AppInfo doesn't mention Ic[email protected] for Threema, only several AppIcon versions with different sizes.

    Last but not least... the UI Theme isn't working for me neither
    2015-01-20 08:52 AM
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    Im on i6+ and 8.1.2.

    Cant find the right icon name for the following apps (german appstore) - bundles names taken from info.plist
    -ifun news
    -week agenda

    Any hint would really be aprreciated!
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    2015-02-07 11:46 PM
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    First and last P'USH..

    Edit: Nvm..got it!
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    2015-02-23 06:42 PM
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    Hi again long time. Need help with these please thank you! - Album on Imgur

    Do you see the discrepancy here? http://i.imgur.com/5YlmOmr.jpg
    Which one should i rename it to?

    Yelp - in default bundle but not theme'd?
    Geico mobile
    Genius - also in default bundle but does not theme, any fix?
    Movie box - in default bundle but not theming?
    Waze - is in the default bundle but does not theme?

    Page 2 not as important but
    Google calendar
    Tv guide
    Credit karma
    5-0 radio

    Also need a refresher course for 8.3 jb has it changed to ssh?
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    2015-06-28 06:37 PM
  6. Southie's Avatar

    Has TheStudent abandoned this? I was going to buy it, but it seems there's no more support for it?
    2015-06-29 07:58 PM
  7. Doesel's Avatar
    No more support since months......

    2015-06-29 10:03 PM
  8. hoothh's Avatar
    No more support since months......

    Sofaking lame
    2015-07-02 07:24 AM
  9. hoothh's Avatar
    Had to hide my most used and beloved apps (waze,macu, vainglory,hearthstone,yelp,photon browser, genius, movie box) and fill the void with semi-useless but themed bloatware (facebook, facebook messenger, weather, google hangouts, etc) just to use this bugged theme.. Smh

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    2015-07-03 10:53 AM
  10. Ryaninfg's Avatar
    Got the refresh!! Anyone know how to design icons for this beaut?
    2015-07-05 05:05 AM
  11. hoothh's Avatar
    Got the refresh!! Anyone know how to design icons for this beaut?
    There was a legend named freddie.. Orange freddie.

    Also displayrecorder and camera app are the same
    Icons in the refresh. http://i.imgur.com/D7nOo9n.jpg

    And none of my essential list(vainglory,hearthstone,waze,yelp,snapchat,macu , genius, photon browser, movie box) have been 'refreshed', fixed or updated i have to continue to hide them using the laggy and slightly annoying apex 2 :/
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    2015-07-06 12:32 AM
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    Here is a .zip file with all the user submitted icons up to this point, if anyone wants it...

    Thank You To Everyone For Your Contributions!
    0bscure 7 uers submitted icons Jan 17
    Hello i have unzip the file and i have found a lot of icons new 0bscure 7 is coming!0bscure 7 is coming!
    Where is the folder for replace some of icons are not themed?like aliexpres
    0bscure 7 is coming!-imageuploadedbytapatalk1441470286.637842.jpg

    Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
    2015-09-05 06:25 PM
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    My LS & SB

    0bscure 7 is coming!-imageuploadedbytapatalk1441642774.471855.jpg
    0bscure 7 is coming!-imageuploadedbytapatalk1441642786.362649.jpg

    Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
    2015-09-07 06:19 PM
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