1. rebeluk's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    Has anyone heard of or know of a way to get SkyGo working on JB'd Iphone 5 IOS 7 yet

    2014-01-08 04:43 PM
  2. p3eps's Avatar
    I'm actually sitting at my PC restoring my 5S back to stock - since SkyGo doesn't work with JB.
    I use SkyGo on a daily basis... so I'd rather have that working that be able to tweak my phone.
    Hopefully someone will sort it out one day, as I'd love to have both!
    2014-01-13 08:42 PM
  3. rebeluk's Avatar
    I phoned sky about this and you wouldn't believe the tripe they use to explain their reasons for blocking usage on rooted devices.

    they told me it breaches their content providers agreement, but when I asked how since their content providers contracts cannot possibly dictate to sky, who in turn cannot dictate to an end user, which devices can display a radio signal, (since that's all that is being sent through the airwaves albeit visual too) The manager then said yes but JB'd devices can be hacked and content read by 3rd parties so you could have your accounts compromised. LOL

    I said there are far more ppl using pc's that are hacked every day in their millions, accounts compromised, bank details stolen , along with those clever techs who can supply a feed from a sky source, over the internet with their pc's and servers, charge money or give it for free and you don't block anyone using pc's to watch sky go despite the fact that pc's are far more liable to copyright abuse and being compromised that any rooted device, also, FYI mate Mac systems including iphones ipads etc are not susceptible to virii etc only the apps browsers email and messages just like a pc.

    Also, unjb'd iphones ipads are susceptible to the same criteria, not blocked by you guys though, so where is your justification.......

    He had no answers

    So in effect he said just keep lobbying them to change it yeah like they will :P

    2014-01-14 11:56 AM
  4. 3nrico's Avatar
    I play skygo on my iphone5 JB. There is a new application skygo JB on biteyourapple repository
    2014-02-15 08:03 AM