1. hypnopotamus's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I have a problem with Home button on my iPad 2 on JB ios 6.1.2.
    A while ago my Home button just stopped returning me to Home screen and opening Spotlight search when pressed, whilst at the same time still doing all other regular functions. I tried everything and nothing helped, searched and googled but nobody had any good suggestion what to do. Finally, today I first erased everything with iLex Rat and that seamed to have fixed the problem until I installed the first tweak from Cydia when the problem reappeared. I tried to uninstall that tweak but that didn't help so I reused iLex tool, this time I used iLex Restore and erased my whole iPad with everything on it and my Home button worked as new once again. Alas, once I install a tweak the same problem was there again. As a final solution I tried Semi-restore tool and the result was the same. Home button worked perfectly up until I installed any tweak from Cydia (I tried all this several times and every time I used different tweaks, either SBSettings or just Activator or just XBMC player or even iFile). What ever I do, I can't seam to get Cydia tweaks to work with my Home button. Right now my iPad is working perfectly because I don't have a single tweak installed, but I don't see a point of a JB without tweaks...
    Does anybody have any idea how to solve this?
    2014-01-08 10:42 PM