1. Bulldog5278's Avatar
    It's live!!!!!!
    2014-01-20 08:51 PM
  2. Happy363's Avatar
    It's live go get it guys!
    2014-01-20 08:51 PM
  3. Fdxgnd79's Avatar
    Got it!!!
    2014-01-20 08:51 PM
  4. jelleheindryckx's Avatar
    Chris still need to purchase. Donation was send with
    Paypal email [email protected]
    Cydia id 11564
    Please fix this?
    2014-01-20 08:55 PM
  5. iMpire's Avatar
    Hey Chris... Not letting me download either my man

    Donation Sent sir.
    Confim. is 2P822265TH590984P
    Cydia ID is 464431144
    2014-01-20 08:59 PM
  6. jelleheindryckx's Avatar
    Shame on you you said you got my id after I first gave the wrong numbers (UIUD or whatever )
    2014-01-20 08:59 PM
  7. Fattone66's Avatar
    It's in Cydia NOW!!!!!
    2014-01-20 09:00 PM
  8. Nsomnia34's Avatar
    Downloading now!!!!
    2014-01-20 09:02 PM
  9. ddaddy2420's Avatar
    i too only see nux icons addon.

    Says it needs," com.modmyi.nuxios7" to in the addons.
    2014-01-20 09:03 PM
  10. dannyk1984's Avatar
    Got to by it when you donate it you font have to by it right
    2014-01-20 09:05 PM
  11. Nsomnia34's Avatar
    Is there a Bite, iTunes and Facebook icon??
    2014-01-20 09:09 PM
  12. ElGerto's Avatar
    What a lovely theme!

    Is it possible to get additional icons eg whatsapp, iCleaner, navigon?

    Thanks in advance!
    Last edited by ElGerto; 2014-01-20 at 09:12 PM.
    2014-01-20 09:10 PM
  13. Bulldog5278's Avatar
    Outstanding Chris,thank you mate👊
    2014-01-20 09:13 PM
  14. eddywatson's Avatar
    can see it but it says purchase... is that right?

    I also did donate...
    2014-01-20 09:14 PM
  15. Nsomnia34's Avatar
    Outstanding Chris,thank you mate��
    I dont have the iTunes, Bite or Facebook icons.
    2014-01-20 09:18 PM
  16. Fattone66's Avatar
    can see it but it says purchase... is that right?

    I also did donate...
    Did you send him your cydia number?
    2014-01-20 09:18 PM
  17. dannyk1984's Avatar
    Did you send him your cydia number?
    I didt to here says purchase i have donated and send my number here you can seeImageUploadedByModMyi1390249184.589378.jpgImageUploadedByModMyi1390249195.088453.jpg
    2014-01-20 09:19 PM
  18. eddywatson's Avatar
    Did you send him your cydia number?
    twice, one in a PM and once in an email to him
    2014-01-20 09:20 PM
  19. dannyk1984's Avatar
    2014-01-20 09:22 PM
  20. jelleheindryckx's Avatar
    Meh Chris for me never mind. Bought the theme again
    Donation was just for support then
    2014-01-20 09:22 PM
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