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    Hey Guys im back with a new Theme the name it's Vivis HD. I've been working on this theme for a few months now and i want to post this thread here to get some feedback on my work, hope everyone likes it and pass the word to friends, the more feedback i get the better the theme will get. thanks in advanced.

    This theme is been worked with ios 7 in mind, why i say this? well the icon mask (shape) was created thinking on the new ios7 design, i want to take advantage of the new designs that dev's been doing with their new icon look, with this mask you will be able to maintain their design and at the same time you will get Vivis HD ICON SHAPE, thats with appstore apps and cydia apps.
    Second, i cant wait to try this theme on my gold iphone 5s, the color i chose for this theme was thinking on gold iphone 5s, so cant wait for winterbaord to update.

    please give me your feedback, if you want to be a tester please let me know by email at [email protected]

    thanks, here are some screenshots, by the way this theme is going to be release for both i4/s and i5/s.

    follow me on twitter @psprrom

    Check my other theme here in modmyi, its called ativiOS HD and its available in cydia.
    Attached Thumbnails Vivis HD preview By psprrom-lockscreen-1.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-locksceen-2.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-springboard.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-springboard-2.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-chattkit.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-chattkit-2.png   Vivis HD preview By psprrom-icon-mask.png  
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    2014-01-11 06:50 AM
  2. Mr.Coffee's Avatar
    Looking cool Minimalistic 😁👊💢
    2014-01-11 07:04 AM
  3. Psprrom's Avatar
    Thanks, yeah im trying to stay minimal on look, but its deep in design! Check my other theme too its ativiOS HD here on mod myi!
    2014-01-11 07:13 AM
  4. Laxu's Avatar
    Wow. Absolutely love those icons. Never seen before. So much depth!
    Hope this theme gets complete soon.
    Keep up the fantastic work man!!!
    2014-01-11 10:23 AM
  5. Psprrom's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback! I will keep working on this theme!!!
    2014-01-12 09:51 AM
  6. Psprrom's Avatar
    Hi! I need a beta tester for iphone 5 on ios6, if you own an i devise with this ios and want to get a free copy let me know by email. Thanks
    2014-01-17 06:55 AM
  7. ellersbee's Avatar
    Is this still going on? Looks great to me.
    2014-01-22 12:37 AM
  8. Psprrom's Avatar
    Vivis HD has been submitted to modmayi, iphone 4/s version only!
    2014-01-25 07:25 AM
  9. Psprrom's Avatar
    I5 ios6 version have been submited to mmi!!! Currently working on ios7 version!!!!
    2014-01-30 12:59 AM
  10. lostinthemes's Avatar
    2014-02-01 11:11 PM
  11. Psprrom's Avatar
    If anybody bought my Vivis HD theme for iphone 4/s please download the i5 version as there is bug fixes and addons that for some reasons were not included in the i4 version! Sorry about that!!! It should be free if you bought the i4 version!!!
    2014-02-06 08:15 PM