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    I had infinite boot issues with 7.0.4 on my iPad Mini Retina with evasi0n which many people found not impossible but kind of unheard of (I don't think on here but in general). Well obviously not because they released a "fix" for the boot loop but I'm still stuck in a boot loop after I try to jailbreak the device. My iPhone went fine. I have tried about 20 times on my iPad and it doesn't work. Then of course I have to go into DFU recovery mode and restore the entire device which takes a million years it seems.

    Any idea why I'm STILL having this issue?

    PS - I did not do an OTA with this device, it came out of the box with 7.0.4.
    2014-01-12 10:55 PM
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    2014-01-14 12:48 AM