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    Version 1.2 available at CYDIA STORE
    COMPATIBLE WITH iPHONE 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s


    iPhone or iPod (4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s or Retina iPod) and iOS 7.0 to 7.0.4
    Optional: iWidgets (free at Cydia)
    IconOmatic (free at Cydia, current Repo: http://idevicedesigns.com/repo )
    GroovyLock (free at Cydia)

    Version 1.2 includes:

    102 professional brand-new and handmade icons with icon masks
    3 different icon styles build-in (circular, semicircular and square)
    9 icon shadow styles build-in (for IconOmatic)
    16 Parallax-optimized larger wallpapers for all supported devices
    3 PSDs for Wallpapers and Icons (available at Cydia: 77 Theme PSDs)
    5 iWidgets (auto-refreshing, free placeable, multilingual, with setup-menu)
    2 Zeppelin Logos
    2 GroovyLock Lockscreens (separate free themes at Cydia)
    1 UnlockSlider
    Loading Screens

    Made for iOS 7 only: Harmonizes perfectly with your OS

    Icon philosophy:

    slightly transparent, dark, reduced graphics and depth (not fully flat), own color concept, no outdated skeuomorphisms or glossy overlays:


    1. Enable the 77.theme and one of the icon style.themes at Winterboard
    Optional you can also enable the LoadingScreens and the Unlock-Slider at Winterboard
    2. IconOmatic: choose one of the appropriate shadows for your icon style at Winterboard
    3. iWidgets: Long-press anywhere on your display and enable 77 iWidgets, make your setup at the pop-up menu


    Winterboard currently doesn't support native theme Wallpapers like on iOS6. So all 77 Wallpapers are
    stored inside the 77.theme folder, separated for iPhone 4 and 5 screen size. This are all parallax-optimized Wallpapers that are larger than the screen (to not get scaled up an get blurry with iOS 7 )
    a) With iFunBox or other free Software you can copy the Walls to your computer and sync it back with iTunes.
    b) Better (seed Video): Open any Wallpaper with iFile and save it directly to your Camera roll.

    ->Now choose your Wallpaper at the iOS Photos app or at Settings/Wallpapers.


    Thinks to know:
    a) The widget has code for GPS weather, but this needs the tweak MyLocation from modmyi.
    This isn't tested and not a feature of this theme.
    b) To replace the girls photo: Rename any of your pictures to "Photo.png" (even if it's
    a .jpg-file). Size doesn't matter, the widget scales it up or down for you. Copy it to this path:
    /User/Library/iWidgets/77 iWidget/Images/Photo.png
    c) Don't know your location code ? -> Open this website: yahoo.weather.com, type in your city at the
    search field and look at the adressbar of your browser, the 6 or 7 digits number at the end is your
    location code (see Video).

    Lockscreen themes

    NOTE: Currently Lockscreen1 doens't work on iPhone 4/4s, update is already submitted to Cydia

    1. 77 Lockscreen themes are available at Cydia and free for Users of 77. Just search for "77" or "seventy seven" at Cydia.
    2. Both Lockscreens have a HTC and 77 weather icon set included
    3. You must have installed the free tweak "GroovyLock" from Cydia and must enable one of the 77 Lockscreens at Settings -> GroovyLock
    4. You can setup the weather icon set, language, 12/24 h, celsius/fahrenheit and many more at User/Library/GroovyLock/77GroovyLock-screen.../Config.js
    5. Lockscreen 1 includes alternative clockfaces, stored at: User/Library/GroovyLock/77GroovyLock-screen1/Images/clockface/
    6. To hide the iOS clock use CustomLS, Springtomize 3 or similar tweaks with that function
    (credits to Ian Nicoll and Dacal for Lockscreen1)


    Open Settings/Zeppelin and choose one of the 77 logos.

    Notes (read it please):

    a) Many Winterboard features we all know from iOS 6 don't work on iOS 7 (like theme Wallpapers, HTML-Widgets, Icons-folder). So theming iOS 7 is very hard. I give my best to add more features if possible
    b) The iOS 7 UI and springboard (like the folders) is nearly un-themeable as its partly coded and made with vector graphics.
    b) To customize the dock like i did on my previews you can use the free tweak "DockShift"


    What is IconoOmatic ?
    iOS 7 no longer supports drop shadows for icons, so with this free tweak you can add shadows to icons. I made 9 different shadows, 3 for each included icon style. Choose Shadows at Winterboard.

    Does 77 support iOS 6 ?

    Does 77 support the iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5s ?
    Yes, 77 fully supports all Retina iPhones

    Why don't my Icons change ?
    iOS stores all used icons also at a cache folder for faster loading.
    ->Install and run the free Cydia tweak "iCleaner" and clean the cache or manually delete this cached icons here: /var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.IconsCache/......here.... After that do a reboot. For a unthemed Newsstand icon also delete this cached file here:

    Why is my BiteSMS icon not themed ?
    Currently Bite SMS Beta isn't theme-able out of the box for any theme, because it replaces Apples Messages icon and then all users, even without BiteSMS, would have it instead the Messages icon. DO this:
    1. You can find my BiteSMS icon at ...77.theme/Other Icons/BiteSMS.png. Rename this graphic to [email protected]~iphone.png (Case sensitive) and copy it to ...77.theme/com.apple.mobileSMS/...here...
    2. Open the the contacts section of BiteSMS and pull down. There's a Settings menu. Then click on "more" and change to Apple messages (icon). Clean your cache (manually or with iCleaner), REBOOT and it works.

    Why can't we use the well known Icons folder of Winterboard for easily adding icons ?
    Winterboard currently doesn't fully support this feature on iOS7, you will see the original icon when starting an app or moving an app into a folder.

    Why does 77 GroovyLock-screen1 not work on my device ?
    This happens on iPhone 4 and 4s and I will fix that soon.

    Can i release Icons here or add own icons to my theme ?
    Yes, but PLEASE post only tested correct bundle folders with right named icons. How ?
    You must open the main folder of the app you want to theme. You can find your apps at /User/Applications/ and at /Applications/. Now e. g. open the folder /User/Applications/Facebook/Facebook.app/.
    1. Here you can find all app icons, often a lot for universal apps. But iOS7 uses for the Retina iPhones generally only 3 icons at this dimensions: 40x40p, 58x58p and 120x120p. All apps name them different, but often the size or name helps identifying it: icon_120 or icon [email protected], or AppIcon58.png and so on. Make 3 new icons at the right size and name them right like they are named at this app folder.
    2. Inside each app folder is always a textfile called info.plist. Open it with any text software/editor or directly with iFile and search for the line "bundle identifier". Below you can find the right name for your folder, always starting with com..... Now make a new folder, name it with com..., copy your new icons inside the folder, copy your folder to 77.theme/Bundles/...here. Clean your icons cache, reboot and it will work.

    Why aren't there more parts of the springboard, like badges or folders, themed ?
    Because currently it's unclear how to theme this or if it's even possible.

    Can i place the iWidgets anywhere ?
    Yes, simply press long on any iWidget and drag it around. You can also place the app icons anywhere on your screen with this Cydia tweaks: iBlank for iOS 7, HomescreenDesigner, Gridlock or Iconoclasm. I recommend Gridlock, nothing is easier for that job.
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    looks great Blue, cant wait till payday
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    2014-01-17 02:05 AM
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    Submitted to Cydia, release soon...
    2014-01-17 10:11 PM
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    What a great birthday present (for me!)! I know this is will be a high quality theme, just like the others I bought for iOS6. Thanks, Blue! PS - thanks for remembering us 4S owners.
    2014-01-19 03:29 PM
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    Thanks, iphone 4/s support wasn't difficulty in this case. As iWidgets, icons and Zeppelin works out of the box I only had to resize the Wallpapers. And more isn't currently themable on iOS 7
    2014-01-20 11:00 PM
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    Very nice. love what you've done with the icons.

    I'm trying to use gps location for weather but i cannot find the tweak mylocation. Can you point me in the right direction?

    here's what i got so far: just need the mylocation.

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    Formerly jpcamaro70
    2014-01-21 12:28 AM
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    Actually I got my location from somewhere and it update to the location I WAS at, but it will not update when I drive through a different town.

    Any ideas?
    Formerly jpcamaro70
    2014-01-21 02:48 AM
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    i put this theme on, now i can't slide to unlock my phone. When I try, nothing happens. Weird. Have to uninstall until fixed
    2014-01-21 08:18 PM
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    The time on the widget does not refresh since the new update on my iPhone 5s 7.0.4, it did in version 1.0 but not after the update
    2014-01-26 11:09 PM
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    I reinstalled the theme and iwidgets and now it works
    2014-01-27 02:02 AM
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    Okay guys, version 1.2 is available at Cydia, I also updated post 1.

    Please use this thread, as i'm not very often here. Thanks: -> http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-5-ne...833180-77.html
    2014-01-27 05:44 PM