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    iPhone 4/4s/5/5C/5S & iPod 4/5

    PLANO for iOS 7-preview-iphone4.png

    PLANO follows the trend of FLAT Design with a neat looking and modern LONG SHADOW which will make your iDevice stand out from the crowd. Icons are minimal yet they most definitely fulfil their purpose with a very subtle and not very vibrant colour palette.
    Currently it includes 60+ icons and 50 more icons are almost ready for the next update.

    PLANO is available in Cydia for just 1.99$.

    PLANO for iPad is also available.

    Visit iPhone 5 & 5S Thread for PLANO Here.
    Visit iPad Thread for PLANO Here.

    Take a look at the screenshots. If you like my theme then do support me.

    PLANO for iOS 7-i4-1.png

    PLANO for iOS 7-i4-2.png

    PLANO for iOS 7-i4-3.png

    Download wallpapers from here :

    PLANO for iOS 7-button.png

    Click Here

    Download Icon template file from here :

    PLANO for iOS 7-button.png

    Click Here

    Instructions for Template file :

    - Please follow these 5 easy steps to create your own icons.

    PLANO for iOS 7-1.png

    PLANO for iOS 7-2.png

    PLANO for iOS 7-3.png

    Feel free to leave your feedback and request any icon you need in comments below.
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    2014-01-18 06:02 PM
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    Finally after a long wait Theme is now live on cydia. Go get it now people
    2014-01-28 08:43 AM
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    Hello all

    I recently installed this theme onto my iPhone 4s 6.1.2 and it looks very good, but not all my icons are themed like the pictures above. My clock, newsstand, app store, itunes, maps, music, notes icons are not themed. Any ideas?
    2014-03-02 05:06 PM