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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a new designer and would like to introduce my first iOS 7 theme, Emblem 7! The theme has a dark and simple look that I hope you guys will enjoy. Also, I suggest trying out a tweak in Cydia called "Fancy". It works really in complimenting this theme and your overall phone experience with any other themes.

    Now on to the screenies:

    Beta 1 Release (1/22/14)
    • All stock icons themed
    • A few Cydia tweak icons themed (Activator, f.lux, iFile, etc)
    • 70+ Total icons themed!

    PSD File

    Icon Requests
    (Working on an editable spreadsheet so everyone can add to it. Please reply with requested App and Bundle ID/File Name (if known) for the time being.)

    Please donate $1.00 (or more ) to my paypal, [email protected] for the Beta release.

    Emblem 7-emblem7preview.png
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    2014-01-22 05:40 AM
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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to introduce my new iOS 7 theme called Emblem 7! The icons were made to have a dark, clean and consistent look. I hope to create many icons so the theme becomes as complete as possible. Right now there are a total of 70+.

    Now for the screenies:

    Beta 1 Release (1/23/14)
    Beta 1 has been re-released due to some previous thread issues.

    Please donate $1 to [email protected] for the Beta.

    PSD File

    Got an Icon Request?
    Please reply with the App and Bundle Id/File Name if known. I will put a shared spreadsheet up later so completed icons can be tracked.
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    Your post was not viewable because of a spam filter we use for new members posting links/email addy etc.
    It should be good to go now.
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    2014-01-23 01:59 AM
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    Now it is good to go.

    But your screenshots are unavailable.
    2014-01-23 03:50 AM
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    Thanks very much but I'm still having issues seeing the main topic. Seems no matter how I edit the main post (except for replies), it will still not show up. All viewers please see the re-released theme under the "Seal 7" thread.
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    I see it!!!

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-01-23 05:17 AM