1. bunnyfu's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to remove or atleast change the color of the red recording status bar in iOS7? I am referring to the top bar that appears when you have an app accessing the mic in the background. It used to be as simple as adding a winterboard theme with empty [email protected] and [email protected] files. I tried this approach, but it has no affect. Has this image been renamed?

    Or, considering that the status bar is now 1 solid colour and now the text pulsates (instead of the background colour itself), is there a chance that the status bar is now generated without using .png files? I am completely stumped and have no idea where this UI element has moved to and how to go about searching for it.

    Can someone please help out or point me in the right direction?
    2014-01-24 03:53 AM
  2. pepehdz@gmail.com's Avatar
    I'm also looking for this solution, did you solved?
    2014-02-24 06:17 AM