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    Good news FE for IOS 7 is out. It's quite buggie, just aheads up. see screen shots. First pic is the folder view. It's 5x5 in the FE settings (note nether is done). The second is of the springboard with icons above the folder
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    Found the issue. It and Iconoclasm don't gte along. It will look at Iconoclasm settings and do that rather than it's own settings.
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    FolderEnhancer developer here.

    Note that the latest version includes a link in the settings which explains how to use FolderEnhancer together with tweaks such as Iconoclasm and More Icons.

    In short, you must choose which tweak you wish to use to layout the icons in your folder, and modify your settings accordingly.
    2014-02-06 07:57 AM