1. wes44's Avatar
    [QUOTE=map1978;7075197]Super clean all day

    Looks nice bro how's your day been ! What icono is that and widget wall looks superb bro

    I haven't yet wes, I'm sorry.
    No hurry MJ Good afternoon there young lady -no reason to be sorry I don't believe in that word
    2014-05-01 10:28 PM
  2. ogkikz's Avatar
    lookin good!.

    Just playin...

    That Af7erhours Miami Vice tho 

    quick question.
    i saw ur status bar colored i wonder is the same bug of eclipse i got lol. or u using nigthmode and have that option.

    well anyways... Eclipse or Night Mode ?

    what is better or wich one u prefer peeps ?

    i been on eclipse, but i purchased night mode when hit cydia was like a "beta" but i see people that prefers nightmode than eclipse..
    just wanna ask it over here..
    2014-05-01 10:31 PM
  3. prymeh's Avatar
    Mors Ab Alto
    2014-05-01 10:38 PM
  4. rjr1124's Avatar
    You can use Flex 2 to color the status bar @ogkikz
    2014-05-01 10:39 PM
  5. ogkikz's Avatar
    ure da man! thanks!..

    Line Icons & Loading Screens i4 & i5

    2014-05-01 10:40 PM
  6. prymeh's Avatar
    Batman wall someone asked for.

    Mors Ab Alto
    2014-05-01 10:40 PM
  7. ogkikz's Avatar
    thanks!. i will try it!..
    You can use Flex 2 to color the status bar @ogkikz
    just wonder bro in what repo is it ? i see a Flex tweak by saurik but im not sure. and see a tweak called Flex 2. is that one at $3.99?
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    2014-05-01 10:42 PM
  8. Andrew Riesinger's Avatar

    Can someone make the red part orange color code fb5b1f

    Also on a second one, make the white hand into black. So one icon with orange and black one with orange and leave the white the same.

    2014-05-01 10:52 PM
  9. Nordcore's Avatar
    Could you please share your Iconoclasm layout???
    2014-05-01 10:55 PM
  10. UNLOCKZ's Avatar
    MB boot

    Attached Files
    2014-05-01 10:58 PM
  11. orangefreddie's Avatar
    Look good... Thanks a lot!!!!!! =)

    But, there is a shadow at both top corners... Can you delete that???

    Attachment 667526
    got to run out to some meetings. I'll fix for you tonight if no one else has by then. Remind me with a PM if I forget. Cheers.
    2014-05-01 10:59 PM
  12. Hip5's Avatar
    Could someone put this red dock on this wall paper that was in the new AH update. I think it would look great with AH
    Thanks; @hip5
    2014-05-01 11:12 PM
  13. kickerman65's Avatar
    Anyone know of a tweak that will enable you to change the font colors? I used to use shrink but it had too many conflicts with other tweaks such as iconomatic so i had to uninstall it.
    Apples taste good. PwnApples taste better!
    2014-05-01 11:12 PM
  14. prymeh's Avatar
    Could you please share your Iconoclasm layout???
    Here it is bro.
    Mors Ab Alto
    2014-05-01 11:13 PM
  15. dwizurd's Avatar
    Edit wrong screenshots meant for different thread.
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    2014-05-01 11:15 PM
  16. Vanray001's Avatar
    Thanks but i think this is to dark ?

    Good Night / Day to all
    Good job ! It will be perfect if it's not to dark 😉
    2014-05-01 11:19 PM
  17. Sital's Avatar
    Working on an AH badge...not sure about it yet.

    2014-05-01 11:24 PM
  18. Andrew Riesinger's Avatar

    Can soneone make that moon into a orange color fb5b1f
    Would look awesome !!
    2014-05-01 11:24 PM
  19. dwizurd's Avatar
    Working on an AH badge...not sure about it yet.

    I think it looks great. I love the neon purple against these icons
    "All I can be is me, whoever that is" - Bob Dylan
    2014-05-01 11:27 PM
  20. s22lane's Avatar
    Working on an AH badge...not sure about it yet
    I didn't miss ur glow badges did I?
    2014-05-01 11:30 PM