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    There is a killer version out for iLex..
    For other icons check out elilab posts and jus signature with a link to all the icons for AH posted in here...
    I am sure you can use them for your requests as well
    Elilab? That a user? So ill have to search this whole thread for one user?
    2014-05-14 12:42 PM
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    Elilab? That a user? So ill have to search this whole thread for one user?
    nop, just have a look at the 1st page
    2014-05-14 12:48 PM
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    2014-05-14 01:06 PM
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    system font? Galette.
    Cheers dude.
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    Thanks to the Generous people on these threads. if it wasn't for you, then my iPhone would be naked
    2014-05-14 01:09 PM
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    2014-05-14 01:32 PM
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    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2014-05-14 01:47 PM
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    I hope you will share that ls as always...
    2014-05-14 02:22 PM
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    system font? Galette.
    Are you planning on sharing that iconomatic?
    2014-05-14 02:44 PM
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    Mind sharing that lock screen?
    2014-05-14 02:57 PM
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    Please can someone fix this 6 icons ?
    I will really really really appreciate
    thank you all very much
    2014-05-14 03:58 PM
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    Hello everybody I have a little question lets say that i have a widget or a ls and i want to change(add) the overlay how do i do that can someone guide me please i'll really appreciated
    depends on the code of the widget of LS can you post which one and I will try to help you out.
    2014-05-14 04:47 PM
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    2014-05-14 05:49 PM
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    wednesday AH...

    2014-05-14 05:55 PM
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    wednesday AH...

    wow can't wait for that 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    2014-05-14 06:05 PM
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    wednesday AH...

    Wow schenedi can you share your signal/wifi bars 😊?
    2014-05-14 06:09 PM
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    Simple White Glow Icono

    Someone asked for this the other day so I put some finishing touches on it so it could be shared.

    Clock/Newsstand/BiteSMS included in both the Camo and Base Versions, also included Folder Shadows in both Base & Camo.


    Attached Files
    2014-05-14 06:10 PM
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    Jona clear space in mailbox
    2014-05-14 06:13 PM
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    LS Corner
    Script - Schnedi
    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63
    2014-05-14 06:17 PM
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    Elilab? That a user? So ill have to search this whole thread for one user?
    Yes im a user

    Here you go for custom icons until page 1460...

    E7 Afterhour Photos by elilab | Photobucket

    ... update will come soon.

    Credits to all the creators.

    iNZTW3 - Legacy - 2UINique - "new" z|ui - Rebirth HD - ElitePro HD 2012 by iPhone ie - MiOS - elite6 - eli7e
    Icons, Wallpaper and more :

    eli7e Icons, Wallpaper and more RaR-Packs :
    2014-05-14 06:22 PM
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    [QUOTE=smr_95;7081408]LS Corner
    Script - Schnedi
    Hi Simon lovely ls can you share the jellylock if you can please thanks😊👍
    2014-05-14 06:24 PM