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    2014-02-11 11:53 PM
  2. justmatt's Avatar
    @schnedi IS this Groovy Lock or Cydget? Can you please share the jelly lock theme?
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    2014-02-11 11:59 PM
  3. Schnedi's Avatar
    @schnedi IS this Groovy Lock or Cydget? Can you please share the jelly lock theme?
    for GroovyLock
    JellyLock here http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-5-ne...ml#post7013270
    2014-02-12 12:02 AM
  4. ECUpirate44's Avatar
    This is what I'm going to bed with tonight!!

    Can you share your folder icons?

    I am in Eastern NC and am doing the same thing. Snow is coming down big time
    Where in Eastern NC!? Greenville here.
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    2014-02-12 12:05 AM
  5. kidclipper's Avatar
    on Groovylock, how do i get my actual location to show up on e7.logo.weather theme, it's not showing the right location.. TIA
    2014-02-12 12:18 AM
  6. dannyk1984's Avatar
    A couple of Robocop inspired walls (shame the film was so bad)

    Hai dark can you make these with a blue line in it a turkouise line TIA
    2014-02-12 12:25 AM
  7. z06gal's Avatar
    "Where in Eastern NC!? Greenville here."

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    2014-02-12 12:29 AM
  8. YaBhoyB's Avatar
    "Where in Eastern NC!? Greenville here."

    I have family in Goldsboro!!
    2014-02-12 12:39 AM
  9. z06gal's Avatar
    I have family in Goldsboro!!

    Wow! Small world!
    2014-02-12 12:45 AM
  10. YaBhoyB's Avatar
    2014-02-12 12:52 AM
  11. jawonder's Avatar
    iPhone 5. I tried to do it myself the first time it broke, bent the gold sensor underneath ever so slightly and now it's screwed.
    Well right now you are at a point where you have to try everything . Let the battery die then leave the phone for a while to cool down, plug it back in and when the apple logo appear just keep holding down the volume up button, hold the volume up button as long as possible until it get some charge . See if it might just decide to go into SafeMode .
    2014-02-12 12:57 AM
  12. MamaJaay's Avatar
    2014-02-12 01:01 AM
  13. ECUpirate44's Avatar
    Wow! Small world!
    Small world indeed!
    2014-02-12 01:16 AM
  14. johncon68's Avatar
    Night all
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    <img src=http://i.imgur.com/SnsaAvQ.png border=0 alt= />
    2014-02-12 01:23 AM
  15. TheBigKing's Avatar
    Robocop today

    Forecast work on the 5s ?
    2014-02-12 01:26 AM
  16. izzi's Avatar
    didn't work?

    that's part of the Overlay, yes.

    want it without it?

    next time ask it directly to me
    He's of course, that's look not good!
    2014-02-12 01:29 AM
  17. Inzane's Avatar
    Forecast work on the 5s ?
    Yes, it does work on the 5s.
    2014-02-12 01:31 AM
  18. Aeroavenger's Avatar
    Launch icon for those lookin for one better than the first...

    Attachment 656574
    What clock is that?
    2014-02-12 01:33 AM
  19. Matatan_3's Avatar

    Someone can do this wallpaper put pink in the blue part?
    2014-02-12 01:35 AM
  20. Inzane's Avatar
    For now...

    2014-02-12 01:42 AM