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    Lol ok I got it themed now but it seems a little big for some reason any ideas why this is?
    not suppose to be big if your icons size is 120x120.. double check
    2014-02-19 12:54 AM
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    I just wanna throw this out there for people..if only one person takes the suggestion onboard then I'll be happy

    I have seen sssooooo many people continually ask for someone to apply an iconomatic overlay to icons, and often they'll repeat the request if no one does it for them in the five minutes following their request..

    I just thought it might be worth suggesting Gimp to these people..I know PS isn't for everyone as it's both expensive and intimidating at first.. Gimp, on the other hand, is free and much easier to use as a beginner IMO.. It's also less than 100MB in size.. I think peeps should give it a try if they're at all interested in getting more involved in theming their devices, as the whole graphic side is both fun and highly rewarding once you give it a shot. Have caution though, as it is also extremely addictive lol ..

    Regarding the icon overlaying, all the work's been done for you - if, for example, Schnedi posts another sweet overlay that you want to apply to the an icon, it'll take you less than a minute to open the two images and put the overlay on the icon..

    Anyways, that's enough of my opinion lol..here's a link if anyone's interested GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

    Attachment 658138

    Love these icons, where can these be downloaded ?
    They can be downloaded from the exact post you're quoting...
    2014-02-19 12:56 AM
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    @Bacardi that is a very childish sense of being if u ask me. but you didn't ask.
    like "I" stated and asked. just say what it is. i inquired about the instructions and u still insisted on sending me on wild goose chase " to see if i was reading?" is that right?
    your help on code is excellent, but as a person… get it right bruh ..this is not how you should treat your "fans" of your work that is.
    ty none the less.
    just get home from work. needed instructions not a map to get there
    like me or not, this is how i am

    thanks 👍
    2014-02-19 12:56 AM
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    not suppose to be big if your icons size is 120x120.. double check
    I checked it is 120 x 120
    2014-02-19 12:57 AM
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    I checked it is 120 x 120
    thats is very strange.. did you check springtomize icon size? if you use is?
    2014-02-19 12:58 AM
  6. Enmedi00's Avatar

    I was actually referring to weather and settings icons. Looking for something a little different.
    Oops my bad lol
    2014-02-19 12:59 AM
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    thats is very strange.. did you check springtomize icon size? if you use is?
    Glad it's not just me that finds it strange. And I don't use springtomize so it's not that

    Edit - just done a respring and no it changed I got one weird iphone
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    2014-02-19 01:02 AM
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    What are you using for your status bar notification icons?! Also how did you modify the solstice battery theme so it shows green dots and keeps the lightning icon whilst charging?! Thanks

    Opennotifier, but is not the cydia package it is a beta version and it has to be download and install via ifile search on google opennotifier iOS 7 beta you will find different websites
    Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks - MacRumors Forums

    the dev for opennotifier hasn't updated as much as I know, so tateu on macrumors has packaged the file to work... follow the OP at the above link
    2014-02-19 01:04 AM
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    heeey who's gonna help ME???? i want ip5s and new, why no1 helps me ???? loooooooool
    good night ya'l
    2014-02-19 01:05 AM
  10. ECUpirate44's Avatar
    How can I get my phone to look like this?
    Where to start....
    2014-02-19 01:11 AM
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    Let me make it perfectly clear. The alphas do not get paid. We put in the time and effort, simply to support the creation of a great theme. Bars works a day job, he is a husband and a father, then busts his *** creating themes for the end user.

    We tell bars when stuff looks like crap,(and yes... It's rare but sometimes it happens), we make widgets, sometimes walls, sometimes icons... Sometimes our creations make it into the theme, sometimes not. We run support on this thread so that Bars can spend his time creating.

    ME... I'm 30 years old. I own and run a company, I am a network engineer, I am a wife, and a mother to four. I make widgets, I make icons, I manage the beta repo for iconomatic, I am an Apple Developer, with three apps currently in the AppStore, two of which are wallpaper apps, that require almost daily updates so you get new content. I run support on Twitter for various themes and tweaks for many of your themers, modders, and developers. I'm active on no less than 8 threads here on mmi. I've been given warnings for getting "mouthy" with users (hence the pink stilettos flying comments you'll see thrown around from time to time) , and I've toned that down a lot since granted gold status, as I'm trying to set an example. And the "notion" that I "pick and choose" who to help is more than ridiculous. THAT IS THE PART OF THE PREVIOUS POST that really p¡ssed me off. I help everyone. ALL THE TIME. Regardless of who you are or aren't, or whether we "get along" and I've never asked for anything in return.

    In regard to THIS theme, I have posts 2&3 on this thread and I'm updating them regularly, with FAQ's and UserMods... Does anyone bother to check them before asking 150 thousand times what post Schnedi's or NateD's iconomatic themes are? Or asking 650 thousand times where the status bar text and battery text can be found? (Yes I'm aware these numbers are exaggerated, but this is my post and my perspective) But it wasn't that long ago that I was the one asking question after question. Look at my join date. I've not been here that long. So I DO understand the ones that are fresh to the JB world, and I'm more than willing to help, but not answer something that has not only been answered multiple times, but that I've taken the time to include on posts 2&3.

    There are many that are on the Alpha Squad that do nothing but "help" (meaning answering the same questions over and over) until they are so frustrated... But yet still return. There are others NOT on the Alpha Squad that do the same... The only difference is that by accepting the role of being an alpha, we are kinda obligated to do so, and others aren't, but still do. I could name names, but I don't think it's necessary.

    So, before you knock us, or anyone else, take a moment... We aren't asking that you read every post... Posts 1,2,3 and maybe the last few pages before you ask. How many times have I simply responded "see post 2" "see post 3"... I COULD ignore them altogether... But i still help.

    Happy modding, peeps.
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    2014-02-19 01:11 AM
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    Where to start....
    Page 1 bro. lol
    2014-02-19 01:12 AM
  13. modderofthemes's Avatar
    okey let me started

    first i'm not in alpha team,and second let me tell you why the senior people in here are direct with there awnser..

    1- people never look on the page before, and they asking questions over and over again.. they don't read.. some people are coming here to grab and download stuff

    2- senior people are trying to help much has they can and give there best to share/create stuff for the community

    3- senior people are not "rude" but i can say there quick & direct awnser for there question ( depend how you take it )

    4- Rule number one : Don't take anything personal from anyone in here..
    if you don't like something just ignore it or don't awnser.. simple has that

    5- sometime we loosing patient with people that don't uderstand even we explain step by step

    those are all the reasons

    Hope you understand

    yes i did that for people to read because many people don't read.. was just a test if people reading or not
    Your one of the few in here sir that helps everyone and you assist people and your the most respected people that helps and share and never rude not saying everyone is but I see others that don't really respond and it comes from the same people there are people like you that go out of the way for others and I'm just saying sir that I wish more would be more respecting as you are to others
    2014-02-19 01:14 AM
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    Glad it's not just me that finds it strange. And I don't use springtomize so it's not that

    Edit - just done a respring and no it changed I got one weird iphone
    drag your icon on your SB if that can help.. and respring via winterboard

    if it doesn't work.. after i finish the work ill test the bitesms on my phone, and get back to you
    2014-02-19 01:20 AM
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    Page 1 bro. lol
    That's for sure lol. xKMAN83x, start on page one and read everything.
    2014-02-19 01:20 AM
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    Okay, I'm not a Senior Mmi or whatever but I am friends with more than a few of you, this is/was a valid point from whoever suggested that some people are extensions of Bars and should handle themselves more accordingly. Those of us who know Rob personally know he is nothing but the man and very professional about his craft and actions in dealing w "customers". It's only proper to hold ourselves in the same light while representing him and his works.

    Now egos at Mmi are a plenty and always have been. Most are deserved, some though are not. But it's insane to think it's not like that at any respected website. It just comes with the territory. The biggest personalities attract the most attention, let's just try and make it as positive as possible for the thousands of new jail breakers each JB release. Majority of those in the threads (readers) are n00bs too afraid to ask a question and just patiently await someone else to ask it for them. That's not right.

    I've said many times that names are made in many ways but the real names are made in the forums. It's up to us to make our own image as best as possible. Answering the same questions over and over again become bothersome I agree entirely. Those that know me know I've put in more than my fair share in forum threads but I always try and help answer questions when asked. I do love how the majority of the major help questions make it to the first page of the thread, it's a great idea whoever started that. Helps people w/o having to search through such a massive thread. In the same sense, reading through the threads before asking a question that may have already been asked isn't too much to ask for either. I see both sides ;

    I've singled out a few of the people elsewhere to tell how appreciative I am of them helping in the threads. I'm not alpha team, I'm not beta tester, I'm just trying to let people who try know they are assets and appreciated. Meth, Bacardi, Luft5_Thor, etc... All new names to me and I made it a point to find them and thank each one away from the threads. How many times have you done something similar?!? I didnt ask for things so I could say thanks, I said thanks w empty hands. But thanks are free and I never run out of them sooooo.
    2014-02-19 01:21 AM
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    Check page 375

    Giving Schnedi a little love myself this afternoon - thanks for blessing this thread with quality work

    Can you tell me what widgets these are?
    2014-02-19 01:22 AM
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    I'd help more but today is my day to mess with pirates
    2014-02-19 01:22 AM
  19. YaBhoyB's Avatar
    I have read every post and I have forgotten where it's at, but I, HA HA Ha…use the "search this thread" before asking.
    2014-02-19 01:22 AM
  20. fireshire's Avatar

    Been messing around with bars classified hd on iPad mini still one of my favorite looks
    2014-02-19 01:24 AM