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    They just dropped the new version on twitter.
    2014-02-24 09:13 AM
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    Much cleaner

    Can you share you're dynamic shadow setting's please LUFT5 (if thats what it is)? Your's are the nicest i seen tbh, look sharp!

    Also is it ok to just install Ryan Petrich's SSL patch rather than full restore?

    EDIT: 500 page milestone!
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    2014-02-24 09:27 AM
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    My thoughts and perspective on the SSL Bug.

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    Safari is safe in Mountain Lion. It seems to only affect Mavericks on OSX. and from what I understood, it's not just browsers. It's mail app, anything that relies in SSL/TLS.

    It's essentially an extra "goto fail" on line 632 of the code. Which makes you always pass validation regardless of whether you have a secure connection or not. This is equivalent to having an extra "#weatherinfo" div in your CSS for widgets. It's an honest mistake and can happen to anyone. The only difference is the worst that can happen with an extra "#weatherinfo" div is that your widget may not style correctly. With this, anything that relies on SSL/TLS, can be "listened to" real-time.

    Now, if you only use your computer on your own private, secure network... And you're absolutely certain that NO ONE else is on it, then you're safe.

    Also, you can use chrome or Firefox to quell the browser situation, but you're still vulnerable with stuff like mail app.

    Another sign that Apple views this as an über-high priority bug: They also issued a patch for iOS 6. Apple doesn't want any users on iOS 6 and likes to brag about how quickly iOS users migrate to the next major version. Over two months ago Apple claimed that 74 percent of iOS devices were running iOS 7. There hasn't been a security update for iOS 6 in almost a year. I'm sure Apple doesn't want to do anything to make it easier for iOS users to stay on iOS 6, but they patched it anyhow. That's how serious it is.

    The last iOS version that DID NOT contain this bug was 5.1.1. Yes that means it's been there for a long time, BUT now it's been published how to exploit it, which makes it dangerous.

    All of the above is the reason why I asked all of you to update immediately, and took it upon myself to update the evasion JB tool to work with said 7.0.6. Yes, they've now upgraded it themselves, but it was that critical to me to protect each and every one of you.

    I own and run a security company which requires me to be on a variety of networks, both wired and wireless. I have government contracts that require me to use safari. So in the meantime, I have downgraded to mountain lion as my OSX choice.

    Thanks and happy modding.
    Just bought my first ever iMac and need peeps like you to help me out...
    Thx MamaJaay

    Any have previous version classickdock? New version is sux @[email protected]
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    Hi, can anyone tell me why there is a small white box under the dock under the mail icon?

    It has appeared since the classic dock update.

    I have uninstalled elite 7 and classic dock and reinstalled it however this has not solved the issue. When I disable classic dock it disappears however I want need classic dock for the elite 7 effects to work. Help! Thanks...
    you should be install older version classic dock 0.5-4
    Check post 9997 by LUFT5_THOR
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    2014-02-24 09:31 AM
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    just showing off my device for today.

    2014-02-24 09:33 AM
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    Go to settings in classic dock and turn off running indicators.

    Thanks very much
    2014-02-24 09:34 AM
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    Thanks very much
    Your welcome.

    Here are my dynamic shadow settings for those who asked.

    2014-02-24 09:39 AM
  7. dannyk1984's Avatar
    2014-02-24 09:52 AM
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    just showing off my device for today.

    whats name your ls or where i can get this:P?
    2014-02-24 10:13 AM
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    I found the issue. I installed fancy and I got that black box. If you go to the dock setting and move the settings for that all the way left the box disappears.
    Thank u! This def was issue. Appreciate u helping me out....😴. Sorry I fell asleep on ya. 😎
    2014-02-24 10:15 AM
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    whats name your ls or where i can get this:P?
    am using the e7_analog_simple on GroovyLock and the weather on the bottom left is the forecast tweak
    2014-02-24 10:19 AM
  11. streetrebel's Avatar
    am using the e7_analog_simple on GroovyLock and the weather on the bottom left is the forecast tweak
    Can you post the ls wall thx
    Do it fast and clean and look for StreetRebels wheels
    2014-02-24 10:23 AM
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    Can you post the ls wall thx there's a few there to choose from mate
    2014-02-24 10:38 AM
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    Got my gradient icon labels back

    What font is that man?
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    2014-02-24 10:39 AM
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    Skull and Cowboy wallpaper adjusted for "LS Nova" from Schnedi
    PSD is included to replace the background,

    2014-02-24 11:00 AM
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    I apologise in advance as im sure this has been answered many many times. I have read through roughly 200 pages since last night (sad i know). Whats the easiest way to take an icon from here and change it on the iPhone?

    I have recently come back to iOS and back when i was on iOS previously i used to jailbreak and use a program on windows to "login" to the phone and id amend the icons there, cant remember what it was called.

    Anyways I've moved to mac since then so that program useless even if i could remember the name lol

    If someone could link me to an idiots guide to change icons I'd really appreciate it. Again sorry for the question, i know you guys will be sick of dunces like me.
    2014-02-24 11:13 AM
  16. abbdc1's Avatar
    2014-02-24 11:32 AM
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    Don't need this they release an update already via their twitter feed and will be live in Cydia real soon
    2014-02-24 11:36 AM
  18. s22lane's Avatar
    Don't need this they release an update already via their twitter feed and will be live in Cydia real soon
    #fancy still causes a dark black rectangle behind kinda like stock. Not sure why or how to fix....moved sliders in fancy to clear but it's still there... Just turned fancy off.
    2014-02-24 11:42 AM
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    Can you post the ls wall thx

    From zooropals photostream
    no signature..
    so hardcore.. I know!..
    2014-02-24 11:43 AM
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    try this one :
    2014-02-24 11:47 AM