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    I have been working on these icon masks for a while now and now they’re bundled in two packs, one to change the shape of an icon, the other to change the shape of a badge.

    Current version 0.97 contains 38 shapes with variations, so the pack contains 85 shapes.
    Available right here on the Modmyi repo!

    In the next version I might add some more shapes but more importantly I will fix the date text positions in each shape, this will take up quiet some of my time so try to live with it for a week or so. I will also change the shapes for the preference icons, this will force the default ones to be used though but at least they’ll all belong together (with any additional apps that show up in the preference panels.)

    The success of using these masks depends on which underlying theme you have chosen.

    Designers: You are allowed to use these masks and badge shapes for your themes, a link back to www.ideaprison.com or a mention @ideaprison somewhere would be nice!

    I do take requests but do not request any logos or anything that is copyrighted!

    For more of my iOS projects visit projects.ideaprison.com/ios/
    2014-01-27 03:34 PM