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    Hello there all, first post and first theme

    I stated using NextGenUI, and decided that I wanted to make a few themes for it. Because @GroovyCarrot did such a stunning job with the theme system, it's quite accessible for even newbies to work with. However it's not necessarily obvious what all the different parts do, so to start off I created this "Basic" theme to be used in theme development.

    The idea is to have as basic a theme as possible, with the different components simplified and labeled, so you can see exactly where things such as "nodepoint" and the "radial" components are used, as well as clearly labeling the Core and different rings.

    Nothing stopping you from using it as an everyday theme, except it's sort of busy visually. I'm planning on making a couple Ghost in the Shell inspired themes next, but welcome feedback or suggestions.

    [NextGenUI] "Basic" theme for theme developers-img_9562.png

    [NextGenUI] "Basic" theme for theme developers-img_9563.png

    [NextGenUI] "Basic" theme for theme developers-img_9564.png

    [NextGenUI] "Basic" theme for theme developers-img_9565.png


    Edit: Thanks for the clarification, GroovyCarrot I've now re-added the .zip file since it's been confirmed that the usage of the parts is acceptable. This is the modified theme file with the app and weather icons and the loading animation removed and the "iPhone" and "iTouch" rings replaced with the new version. The only things left in this from the original "Praxis" theme are some of the icon masks and the public domain UI icons that GroovyCarrot had used.

    Edit: Updated .zip with new, "Basic" styled weather icons. Just simple text saying what the weather code they're describing is, taken from the yahoo weather API documentation at Yahoo! Weather - Yahoo! Developer Network

    Edit: Updated the screenshots to the "Pseudo-picture-of-a-phone" style because all the cool kids are doing it, and updated the theme.plist for the more current beta. Still no signing, so you'll have to get a dev key from Jake (GroovyCarrot) to use it.
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    2014-01-28 07:52 PM
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    i think we need a moderator here to pull that thread down! u are posting here paid parts of a theme/tweak man. that´s far away from fair!
    2014-01-28 08:26 PM
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    I'm not sure I follow; Praxis is the default theme. Comes with NextGenUI, if you've got NextGenUI you've got it, and if you don't have NextGenUI then a NextGenUI theme is useless.
    2014-01-28 08:40 PM
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    ok so u are allowed to share graphics with copyright of another person? then it would be ok to post parts of other themes here? are u serious?

    think twice
    2014-01-28 08:43 PM
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    Is this bloke for real, have you got the authors permission to be showing this to the public, you may have purchased a licence but you don't own the rights to this theme. This thread should be removed.
    2014-01-28 08:51 PM
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    Well, I had figured that "generic shapes and icons" were fairly safe, but I guess not. I've double checked what I had left in the theme. A quick check shows that almost all are public domain or freely available icons. The only things that I couldn't confirm in a few seconds of Googling were the weather icons (because Google's search by image couldn't figure out what they were), the "Working" animation and the app icons (because I didn't bother looking them up). To be on the safe side I've removed all of those.

    The only part of the Praxis theme I had left were the "iPhone" and "iTouch" rings; because I through them to be appropriately generic. I've removed them and replaced them with new, somehow slightly more generic, versions.

    Is it safe to re-post with those modifications, or should I recreate all the of "basic geometric shapes" and re-download the icons from Icons DB - free custom icons ? I just really like NextGenUI, and wanted to contribute something to the community and help make a broader base of themes for it. If the established community is hostile to new people offering contributions, I guess I might as well not bother.
    2014-01-28 09:40 PM
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    I realise that using another authors material is frowned upon, but I actually have no objection to recycling and redistributing parts of Praxis and Legacy - if you're planning on selling it then I think from a user perspective they'd probably expect you to rework all of the graphics, but I really have no argument against that either

    I do encourage sharing of themes, so I don't think this needs any action at all guys - for future reference if anyone else wants to theme NGUI then feel free to use either stock theme as a base, it is what they are there for

    To expand on this: what I sell is really the NextGenUI framework and interface, I am in all honesty very unhappy with the stock themes but my graphical finesse is very much let down compared to my programming :')
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    2014-01-28 10:19 PM
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    Thank you for the clarification. I wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes, and didn't think what I posted was out of line, but they way that D1LL1NG3R flipped out about it gave me pause.

    No plans on selling any themes, just wanted to make them to share; even so am going to be re-doing all the graphics on anything more advanced then this. This was just a first effort to make a quick theme showing the different components labeled and in context, so I left some of the masks and icons. Since you made the entire UI, any themes that are made will be by definition based on your work, and when I mentioned that this was based on Praxis I was just giving credit where it was due
    2014-01-28 10:37 PM
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    Not at all You should be aware however the theme system is completely different in the upcoming release so be sure you're up to date with the beta if you want to theme 4.3 - if you see what D1's been doing you'll get an idea as to how epic the theming platform is now :P
    2014-01-29 04:28 AM
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    Yeah, I'm on the current beta and I know I'm only scratching the surface. From what I've seen so far it's really impressive. I've only dabbled in programing myself, but I love to see how other people who are really skilled at something work

    I'm more experienced in web design; mostly coding but some graphic work, so hope to contribute according to my skill levels. I'm also excited to get working on GroovyLock as well. I'll probably be able to do more good there, but wanted to get some experience with this first.
    2014-01-29 04:51 AM
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    Update: I've created a "Basic" icon set for the weather icons. It's just simple text saying what the weather code they're describing is, taken from the yahoo weather API documentation at Yahoo! Weather - Yahoo! Developer Network

    Updated .zip file is attached to first post
    2014-02-01 11:39 PM
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    Thanks bro. Glad you got Jake's blessing on helping develop this themeing infrastructure.
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2014-02-02 12:29 AM
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    Updated the screenshots to the "Pseudo-picture-of-a-phone" style because all the cool kids are doing it, and updated the theme.plist for the more current beta. Still no signing, so you'll have to get a dev key from Jake (GroovyCarrot) to use it.
    2014-02-16 10:49 PM
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    Here this may help some folks.

    2014-02-18 08:36 AM