1. Davo126's Avatar
    Just a question really to see if anyone has or is thinking about doing a watch dogs theme for the iPhone as android have the ctos theme for there phones was wondering if the iPhone was going to get their chance
    2014-02-04 11:30 PM
  2. exTrakt's Avatar
    I'm thinking of making a Watch_Dogs theme.
    2014-05-21 01:16 AM
  3. BionicWolf's Avatar
    I am currently making a watchdogs theme for winterboard, but its my first time making a theme without using codethemed. I'm making a html background for the lockscreen, there is the diamond ctOS symbol on the center, you click it and a light blue bar loads around the outside of the image (just like the hacking image in the game). Only problem is that I want it to make the device unlock when the bar is full, is there a way to do that with javascript??? If not any ideas on what I should make it do instead?
    2014-07-15 04:28 PM