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    Available very very soon...
    Away is a very cool theme with beautiful icons, in initial version i added over 70 icons, i decided added a perfect Overlay and Shadow with IconOmatic, thus Away is an awesome theme, the mask for not themed icons are perfect, with look very cool, includes pretty widgets for iWidgets, very cool LS , also includes perfect Wallpapers (in native Settings.app) and icons for Statusbar to give a great experience. I've also applied info.plist effects to make it look cool.

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    2014-02-12 10:07 AM
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    Looking great!
    2014-02-12 11:44 PM
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    This looks cool but why are there 2 threads?
    2014-02-14 02:52 AM
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    Sorry, do not understand why it happened, I had problem when publishing, can a moderator delete this post please :9
    2014-02-14 04:54 AM
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    Wow! This theme is amazing! Good Job

    Here is a preview :
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    2014-03-10 04:36 AM