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    What are the best UIColor hex codes for Neurotech?
    2014-03-28 07:31 AM
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    Hey man! Love the theme. I was wondering if you would be able to send me the galaxy jellylock wallpaper design but with a transparent background. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    Lockscreen - Galaxy - Share

    What are the best UIColor hex codes for Neurotech?
    • The blue of the Settings icons is 007aff.

    • The grey I often use is 565656.

    • The light blue glow color for the springboard icons is 96d6f6.

    • Classic "Neurotech Blue" is 079fe9.

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    2014-03-28 04:40 PM
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    Finally guys, there's a cydia tweak that changes the clock icon
    Its called Custom Clock Icon.
    It uses the .info file to theme the seconds hand.
    2014-03-29 08:31 AM
  4. Jahooba's Avatar
    Finally guys, there's a cydia tweak that changes the clock icon
    Its called Custom Clock Icon.
    It uses the .info file to theme the seconds hand.
    Thanks, Archangel. Me and Alfroggy tinkered with this a little yesterday and couldn't get it to work. It uses the same plist in the main theme folder as the calendar, which breaks either the calendar or clock hands when used. I'm not so sure this is the solution we've been looking for, unfortunately.
    2014-03-29 02:07 PM
  5. Jahooba's Avatar
    Neurotech7 Update 1.1.2

    Change Log:

    • Added 38 new icons*

    New Icon List:

    1. Al Jazeera News
    2. Any.Do
    3. AppZapp Pro
    4. Awesome Calendar
    5. BillGuard
    6. Bitcasa
    7. Cal
    8. Call of Duty
    9. Chan Elite
    10. CWMoney
    11. ESPN TC
    12. GameStop
    13. iBlank
    14. iCleaner Pro
    15. iFruit
    16. Line
    17. Machinima
    18. Mega
    19. Mercury Web Browser
    20. Onavo Extend
    21. Opera Mini
    22. Photobucket
    23. Pic Stitch
    24. ProtectMyPrivacy
    25. PSN Buddies
    26. RedBox Instant
    27. Retailmenot
    28. Seed Mail
    29. Snapseed
    30. Spaceteam
    31. Stitcher
    32. Textfree EX
    33. Trailer Addict
    34. Twenty Fourty-Eight (2048)
    35. Villages Artifact (Chinese)
    36. Wang Shun (Chinese)
    37. WebMD
    38. Wickr

    List of all 385 Neurotech7 Icons (not including defaults):

    2014-03-29 05:46 PM
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    Nice work J

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-03-29 07:40 PM
  7. Tryptamine's Avatar
    Thank you so much, man!
    2014-03-30 01:49 AM
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    Custom Clock Icon

    Hey guys, someone on the forums discovered the secret to making Custom Clock Icon work. Basically CCI is a tweak that allows you to set the color of the clock hands.

    1. Install Custom Clock Icon via Cydia
    2. Rename the Neurotech7 theme folder to Neurotech7.theme
    3. Place this info.plist file into the main folder of the Neurotech7 theme (//var/stash/themes/Neurotech7.theme

    This will be added to the next update
    2014-04-03 05:56 PM
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    Hello, thanks for this cool Theme,i buy this.Can anyone help me,i search icon apps from AldiTalk,Skygo,DB Navigator,VRR App,
    Rage HD,Alarm Clock,Azul,Gba4ios.Have search here,but not found.Greetings
    2014-04-04 09:01 PM
  10. Jahooba's Avatar
    Hello, thanks for this cool Theme,i buy this.Can anyone help me,i search icon apps from AldiTalk,Skygo,DB Navigator,VRR App,
    Rage HD,Alarm Clock,Azul,Gba4ios.Have search here,but not found.Greetings
    Please read this carefully:
    2014-04-04 09:39 PM
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    Sorry i have this not see, i am blind.Thanks
    2014-04-04 10:32 PM
  12. Jahooba's Avatar
    Sorry i have this not see, i am blind.Thanks
    Neurotech is a visual theme. Why are you requesting icons if you're blind?
    2014-04-04 11:19 PM
  13. recklesstryg's Avatar

    Subtle lock
    Bytafont2 Zekton
    2014-04-11 04:09 PM
  14. Jahooba's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanks, Tryg!

    That gif is a clever idea, too. I may have to do something like that for the OP.
    2014-04-11 04:47 PM
  15. DrMegaverse's Avatar
    So, I was curious if anyone has managed to get their biteSMS themed with the Neurotech theme off of Deviant Art? I managed to grab the files however they wont show in the theme selection. So I grabbed an alternative theme file, copied and pasted the NT theme files into it and it MOSTLY works, however there are all sorts of issues with sizing.

    So, my curiosity led me to ask if perhaps anyone had spent some time getting it working? Figured I shoukd ask before I sit down and copy/paste as much as I can to make an approximation of working usefulness lol.

    Also, in the same veinoif though, anyone found a CK workaround? The NT CK files are out there and CK is updated for iOS7 now so I was hopeful someone may have gotten it working. Here's hoping!

    Thanks guys!
    2014-04-16 08:24 PM
  16. Jahooba's Avatar
    Well, I should probably explain to you guys (finally? officially?) why I'm not updating the Neurotech CK theme.

    It's crazy hard to make.

    I used a method that replaced every single keyboard variant with a single image each. There were dozens on the old 3.5" screen. That wasn't so so bad - it took me a good 50 or 60 hours of work to perfect the artwork & organize it, test it, and then release it. And then I released it for free because Color Keyboard already cost some $3, which means that if people wanted Ntech CK they would have had to pay $4 or more for it, and at this time keyboards were simply not on the store (even still, I think). It was mainly meant as a marketing stunt to bring awareness to the full theme, but if it helped at all I never noticed. I promised myself I would never release another keyboard theme.

    Some time later, about the time the iPhone 4S came out, I met Phatmartino, an MMi user, and he really knew his stuff when it came to Color Keyboard. He wasn't an artist, per say, but he was great with the HTML code that CK used to alter keyboards. (There are two methods for building a keyboard - the image method, as with Neurotech, and the code method that most other themes use). By this time, the couple dozen variations of keyboard images grew to over 100. I thought a few dozen images were a lot! Add to this the fact that the author of Color Keyboard didn't provide examples, so Phatmartino and I had to collect each and every variation of keyboard that was possible. Phatmartino created code for CK that the author of CK never would have figured out.

    Anyway, Phatmartino was messing around with Photoshop and he got to know how to use Actions, which is just a way to record what you do in Photoshop, then play back the recording and auto-generate art. He and I collaborated on the new Neurotech theme where I would feed him all the artwork and he would plug it into Photoshop using his action script. In the end he sent me the script, I installed it into Photoshop, pressed a button, and all 108 or so Neurotech CK images were auto-built and named correctly and ready to distribute. If you know anything about PS Actions, what this guy did was simply amazing. To this day I'm still not entirely sure how he did it, or even why! We weren't doing it for money - it was always going to be a free upgrade to the previous Ntech CK. It's not like I have money, either - we just kind of did it for fun. The action script was built in such a way that when I saw a little mistake in the final product I could just edit that single frame, run the script, and my computer would spit out another 108 images with the correction. It was... just incredible.

    The updated Ntech was kind of popular, but not nearly as popular as it should have been, in my opinion. I don't think people understood how revolutionary it was.

    Without Phatmartino's help I don't think I would have bothered to rebuild the CK theme. His enthusiasm for the project drove me to make it, and his contribution to the project was massive. I would say that the Neurotech Color Keyboard theme is his - I was simply lucky enough to provide him with the artwork and stamp my brand on it.

    Now, with iOS 7, there are undoubtedly far more images to theme than on iOS 5. Hundreds, I would assume. And worst of all I have not seen Phatmartino around the forums, nor has he responded to anyone that has tried to contact him. I have my own moments when I stop hanging around parts of the internet, that I can understand, but people can still get ahold of me one way or another. I really don't want to think the worst has happened, but it seems that he is missing from ALL of his accounts that I've known of, plus his emails aren't being answered. Whatever has happened I fear that he's gone forever. I hope I'm wrong and maybe his computer just broke and he's been too busy with life to get a new one. I hope.

    Of course, no theme is beyond my ability, but with the new iPhones coming out soon, the theme would only see a few months before iOS 8 and all new screen sizes, which means I would need to start from scratch... again. One CK theme would probably take me half of the development time as Neurotech7, and likely with no compensation. It's just really not worth the monumental effort.

    I hope that helps understand the state of Neurotech CK! Sorry, guys.
    2014-04-17 06:24 AM
  17. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    So, it's gonna take like an extra week or so?

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-04-17 06:43 AM
  18. wardever's Avatar
    So, it's gonna take like an extra week or so?
    Hahaha, some devs are just so selfish with their time.
    2014-04-17 07:08 AM
  19. jeriko2's Avatar
    I just bougth your theme ! i did run in just by coincidence !! and bougth it at once !! TODAY
    Best theme ever for my iphone , i have tried many , many nice theme but never was i happy
    once i run in your theme I just did not think twice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm... , off course, ( sure like others ) have some of my icon not themed !!
    and i'm trying to find the way to replace remake those by myself becouse i can not ask you , (if we all ask for missing icon........ )
    one thing you sure can help me , i have iphone 5s ios7.04 and i have not enable to clear cache well
    i have use icleaner pro but result no-good , and me was use to ios6

    i did (with ifile ) deleted some icon cache in var/media/library/cache and some icon where ok
    but i'm not sure and i do not want erase some file .......... you know
    So please can you tell me (with ifile) which file to delete for clear my springboard icon properly

    i miss iphoto , tomtom europe and some others (tomtom is ok in settings but not on home-springboard)

    And again BIG thanks

    Great WORK you did !
    2014-04-24 09:18 PM
  20. Jahooba's Avatar
    Hi, Jeriko2!

    First, make sure you have the proper version of Neurotech. In Cydia, Neurotech7 is for iOS 7.x

    As for the icons, not every one will be themed because, well, that's just impossible. However, there's no need to delete cache files with iFile any more, just open WinterBoard, deselect then reselect Neurotech7, then respring. This should clear all the proper caches.

    Glance down this list to see which icons Neurotech supports:

    Let me know if any of the icons on that list aren't theming and I'll fix them. This usually means the app was updated and the icons names have changed.
    2014-04-24 09:47 PM
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