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    Hey guys I've been creating video ringtones since the iPhone 3g was jailbroken. I have a huge collection of Hip Hop and R&B vRingtones that i have amassed over the years, finally thought id share what i've created with the community. All of the videos will work on iPhone 5,5s,5C, most will work on iPhone 4,4S, and 3g. The list of vRingtones are as follows

    Lil' Wayne - 6ft,7ft (Second Verse)
    Big Sean - *** (Chorus)
    Belly - (Intro To The Movie Belly)
    Big Sean - Champagne & Marvin Gaye (Chorus And 4 Bars of Second Verse)
    Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Drake Chorus Wale's first 2 Bars)
    Drake - Started From The Bottom (Second Verse)
    Fabolous - Wolves in Sheep Clothing
    Dave Chappelle (**** yo Couch Club Mix)
    ScarFace - **** Faces (Chorus)
    Kendrick Lamar - Growing Apart (Chorus)
    Lil' Wayne - Hustle Hard Remix
    J. Cole In the Morning (Verse 2)
    Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle (Verse 2)
    N.E.R.D. - Lapdance (Chorus EXPLICIT)
    Meek Mill - BET HiP HOP Awards Cypher
    Kanye West - Mercy
    Meek Mill - Dream Chasers 2 Intro
    Lil' Wayne - The Motto
    Kanye West & Jay-Z - Otis (Chorus)
    Pusha-T Suicide (Verse 1)
    Rick Ross - Shot Caller
    Big Sean - Slight Work
    Jay-Z Suite & Tie
    Drake - Headlines (Verse 1)
    Tabi Bonney Time Of Her Life (Chorus & Fat Trel Verse)
    Busta Rhymes - Twerk (Chorus)
    Fabolous - We Get High (Verse 1)
    Curren$y - What It Look Like

    Ill Post more as I create them. P.S. i put a lot of work into making these videos so if you download, please hit the thanks guys! Enjoy

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    2014-02-19 04:13 AM
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    aww man no love, this should be a sticky.
    2014-04-21 08:55 PM