1. Tonyyy's Avatar
    Anyone here use PS Touch for ipad or iphone? I've been contemplating purchasing it to do some icon designs while in bed at night or on the fly when I'm bored.

    I know it doesn't replace the desktop version but was wondering if it's powerful enough to do icon designing?
    2014-02-20 06:14 AM
  2. Joythewizard's Avatar
    I took a look at it on a video, and I don't think it's worth purchasing. Personally, I like using a computer and I can't think of any other way to design themes. I usually have multiple folders I organize my icons in and all the folders are open at the same time. I think multitasking between programs is easier on a computer. Also, I don't know about its capability with shapes. I usually use rounded rectangles, circles, and other shapes when I'm designing. It's a lot easier for me to adjust these. Another thing is saving the images. Can you save as a .psd? It's much easier to be able to save as a .psd so you can open the whole file with layers later. I think Photoshop Touch is mainly for photo editing. If you want a designing program I recommend GIMP. You can do a lot of stuff in GIMP that you can in Photoshop, it just takes longer.
    2014-02-22 11:30 PM