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    I just submitted my first Winterboard theme called "Mb0sS" for ios7. It should be in cydia in a few days. I've spent a good amount of time on it. So far I have about 50 customized icons, an iconomatic overlay, and addons for FolderIcons. I will be adding more icons frequently, and I'm working on other add ons as well. Opinions? Thanks!
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    2014-02-27 12:42 PM
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    Hey I like it!! I Love the icons
    2014-02-28 03:40 AM
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    Looks very nice I like it good job
    2014-02-28 04:51 AM
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    My themes in cydia: #Dezel8 (ios8-9), #b8sic (ios8-9), #Hued8 (ios8-9).
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    2014-02-28 04:54 AM