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    Today we are going to be rolling out a new NEW theme i have been working on. Its called Avanti!

    Its in its primal beta form but I feel its ready for people to see. So with out further yapping I give you Avanti

    If you wish to participate in the Beta please click the donation button. I would appreciate at least $3.00 USD.

    Anyone who participated in the 0dyssey Beta gets half price on the Avanti Beta!

    Follow me @arctickreations

    After donation you will receive an email with the Beta Repo to add to Cydia.

    Credits: @TheMamaJaay for managing the repo, @Durben for Widget code @Metaserph for being a hell of a guide @h3mptation for his ear, and ofcourse @Slate004 for everything he has done.

    Check out my other themes
    FROST HD - NEXODUS - BOW TIE HD - TempER HD - KOBALT HD - MADISON HD - iRE HD - 0-HOUR - 0dyssey - Avanti

    PSD file
    Square PSD

    Available now from @TheMamaJaay the AvantiMJLS - Works with Cydget and LockHTML 3

    Avalible now from King 0 Hill @brianmacl the AvantikingLS - Works with Cydget and LockHTML3

    Square icon set

    coming soon to Beta repo: Loaders, second icon set, iWidget, Zep, Walls, Loading image, icon o Matic....
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    2014-03-05 05:12 AM
  2. bAdkid's Avatar
    2014-03-05 05:44 AM
  3. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Nice I'm in
    2014-03-05 05:47 AM
  4. ZFrost's Avatar
    2014-03-05 05:56 AM
  5. metaserph's Avatar
    " we've only just begun.." I might be biased but I really like this. Good job James, let's rock.
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    2014-03-05 05:59 AM
  6. ZFrost's Avatar
    Yeah it's moving along. I hope to have a lot more done soon.
    2014-03-05 08:19 AM
  7. MamaJaay's Avatar
    Repo is set and ready to roll
    2014-03-05 01:16 PM
  8. ZFrost's Avatar
    2014-03-05 03:30 PM
  9. claptrap-'s Avatar
    Looking good .

    Donation done.

    repo time soon in mail i hope

    Don ID: 71903932RF217605K
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    2014-03-05 03:49 PM
  10. claptrap-'s Avatar
    Get a flashback to another beautiful theme Prestige HD, Minimal and clean, i like this, and hope others will to
    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

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    2014-03-05 05:25 PM
  11. rjr1124's Avatar
    Looking good man! I love the simple look of these icons. Id donate now but I only have cash. Tomorrows payday though so I'll definitely be donating. Great work!
    2014-03-05 05:59 PM
  12. ZFrost's Avatar
    I will be updating the first post later today with a list of things Avanti will have designed for it. The list will be ever growing I hope.

    suggestions and requests are always welcome
    2014-03-05 07:10 PM
  13. Lkkwus's Avatar
    Damn this looks great ! Love the colour . Gonna be donating for this 👍👍😬
    2014-03-05 08:23 PM
  14. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Looks nice bro!

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    2014-03-05 08:46 PM
  15. MamaJaay's Avatar
    2014-03-06 12:07 AM
  16. ChrisGraphiX's Avatar
    Cool! Like it!
    2014-03-06 12:23 AM
  17. ZFrost's Avatar
    Cool! Like it!
    Thanks glad you like it.

    Here is a Wall I just finished up. Will be on the repo with a few more soon.

    Looks nice bro!
    King! long time now talk... were you been hiding?
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    2014-03-06 12:42 AM
  18. ZFrost's Avatar
    2014-03-06 03:00 AM
  19. dbtennis7's Avatar
    Is there an icon PSD available yet?
    2014-03-06 06:13 AM
  20. ZFrost's Avatar
    There will be in the first post in just a few minutes
    2014-03-06 06:25 AM
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