1. nmoreman's Avatar
    I am having fits with Winterboard, I cannot find this version which is currently installed on my Iphone 5
    and Ipad 4.

    I just bought the Air, jailbroke it, and installed Winterboard - it shows version 0.09.3911

    Therefore some of my tweaks and themes, Jaku, NoLockScreen, are not working. All are updated to 7.0.6

    I'm thinking this is because of the version since everything is fine on Iphone and Ipad 4.

    I have downloaded, deleted, downloaded, modified, and cannot get to this later version.

    Any help or suggestions?
    2014-03-07 08:22 PM
  2. likereallor's Avatar

    Not able to update it to 0.9.3915, firmware for winterboard in cydia only shows 0.9.3911. Was wondering if the software I use to jailbreak my device (iPhone 5S) affects this
    2014-03-08 03:17 PM
  3. pioneer88's Avatar
    Install iFile and then download this deb.


    It's from saurik's repo. Open in iFile and select installer. After install is complete reboot.
    2014-03-08 03:33 PM
  4. likereallor's Avatar
    You are a life saver. Thank you
    2014-03-08 05:49 PM
  5. nmoreman's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion, I had looked in saurik's repo and not seen this. However, likereallor is better at this than I am.

    I have Ifile on Ipad, downloaded the above file to computer, can connect via usb, and can send to Ipad, but I have no idea
    where it will end up, meaning usable, then how to initizlize after that since I have older version.

    Can you be so kind as to tell me how, with above files and connections to do this? And know I'm learning how to do things
    better in the future!

    This is timely, I just checked his repo and it is updated to this new version today, was not yesterday, so I am modifying
    that way, problem solved by Saurik!

    But if anyone wants to answer above, just to help me for things in the future, I would appreciate it.
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    2014-03-08 06:23 PM
  6. pioneer88's Avatar
    The easiest way is to download the file on your device using safari. (Make sure you already have iFile installed.) Once the download completes select "open in iFile" and it'll automatically open iFile with a menu for you to choose. Select "installer" and it'll automatically install the deb file for you. Reboot.
    2014-03-09 01:34 AM
  7. nmoreman's Avatar
    Thank you SO much for that, I'm saving, I've always been able to look, move things, but never tried to download,
    I guess because I didn't know how, so I appreciate the quick note. Like I said above, it was suddenly fixed overnight
    (my other devices had that version), now some tweaks are working that didn't (just updated this one and jailbroke
    on Thursday, new Air and wanted to beat the 7.1 upgrade), so it was weird.
    2014-03-09 03:11 AM
  8. pioneer88's Avatar
    No problem man. FYI the downloaded stuff are stored in /var/mobile/Documents. Usually when you select "open in ifile" it'll direct you to that directory.
    2014-03-09 11:47 AM