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    A lot of you don't realize that S1lex Original's theme has been updated to work on the iPad! The theme is called Original for iPad. With IOS 7 that needs all icons to be made, a transparent theme is better if you like variety once you have all the icons you need, simply change you Wallpaper to make the icons look different. You can have all red icons background, black, blue, green, etc by simply changing the wall. There's a PSD file in the Bundle folder and lots of icons in the iPhone thread (simply resize them from 120x120 to 152x152).

    Some people like colorful wallpaper but I think the theme looks better with a solid color wallpaper, not that I'm using one.

    2014-03-09 05:10 AM
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    Awesome work!!! I love this
    2014-03-09 06:34 PM
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    The author is S1lex.

    FYI - I discovered a mistake of why the Contact Icon is not theme. The Contact folder somehow ended inside the folder. To fix, use iFile and go to Var/Stash/Theme/Original/Folder/ and hit edit and Cut the folder and go back to Var/Stash/Theme/Original/Folder/ and paste the inside the folder.

    Anyway, like I said some people like solid walls and some people like them colorful. I have a big Apple Logo in the middle of my wall and solid colors around it. It might not be to everyone taste, my wall that is but I love it. This is me right now!

    Original for iPad!-img_0401.png Original for iPad!-img_0402.png Original for iPad!-img_0403.png Original for iPad!-img_0404.png
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    2014-03-09 10:32 PM
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    I changed my wall on my ipad 4 and discovered that if I turn off the wall background with Springtomize 3, the dock looks better.

    FYI - The Coverflow Effect that had the icon tilted on the dock causes battery drain, so I had to remove Coverflow Effect!

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    2014-03-15 06:48 PM