1. mfrns0123's Avatar
    OK, here is the problem, Intelliborn put out an update last night that really screwed up my iphone, battery issues, crashing.. etc.. Now for some reason when I go to cydia it tells me that Substrate Safe mode wants to upgrade. But if I go to hit upgrade it says it has to remove all my cydia tweaks, its a mess.. I cannot just uninstall Intelliscreen x or messages+ because it tells me also that it will uninstall all of my cydia tweaks.. Is there a way I can erase this or remove cydia and restore my backup on 7.0.6 without being forced to go to 7.1 and lose my jailbreak chance? I want to jailbreak it again, start fresh.. Not sure what to do..
    2014-03-11 10:15 AM