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    Hey guys and gals. I know there are themes for iOS 6 that make the music.app look more like iOS 7's music app but I'd like to focus on the now playing part of the app and the lock screen. Basically what I'm looking for is someone who can dedicate some time to making a theme for the now playing part of the music app that puts a your album art in the background of your music app and blurs it. I'd also like someone to do the same to the lock screen. Instead of it being a black background make it the album art of my now playing track. I believe the first part I mentioned about the music app's now playing section being themed has been done in iOS 7 already but I'd wanna know if you can do it on iOS 6 as well.

    Here's a screenshot of what I mean for the lockscreen:


    Thank you.

    I know this is probably gonna be moved cuz idk where to put this in the forums. Sorry to whoever moves this >.<
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