1. kruger's Avatar

    On my Ipad I ssh into my Ipad to use Vim for editing textnotes. I'd like to sync the created/edited textnotes into any cloud storage, preferably dropbox, as I also want to sync the cloud stored textnotes to my MacBook to edit there ... again with Vim.

    The Textnotes shall be available offline on all devices, when I go online next time they are synced automatically. I don't want to go into iFile to drag a textfile from one location into the dropbox or similar folder.

    So, I can imagine to open an app - e.g. dropbox - sync the files, then enter commandline to open the textfiles in vim - without copying it from and to somewhere - edit them in vim, save them. Enter the "sync-app" to sync back changes to cloud.
    I'd also like to sync the file and folder structure in the same way it is in the cloud and on the other end on my MacBook.

    I'm flexible to use cloud sync services other than dropbox but Vim is a must requirement.

    Has anybody any ideas on that ....

    2014-03-22 11:24 AM
  2. mostsb's Avatar
    Look into s3cmd for cloud syncing, I use it all the time.

    As for syncing to your Mac, would rsync do the trick? It's available on Cydia.
    2014-11-07 12:09 PM