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    Features of Version 1.5:

    *iOS 8 and iPhone 6 compatible
    2 sizes, with clear, dark or animated slideshow background and setup menu, fully supporting 7 languages (English, French, German, Turkish, Danish, Spanish, Italian), own text and your own animated portrait photo, GPS or location code weather, additonal refresh button
    *RSS and Twitter widgets in two sizes, auto-refreshing
    *Portrait Widget (your animated portrait photo only)
    *Lockscreen: Main Widgets in two sizes for both GroovyLock and LockHTML 3
    *more than 200 icons in 7 different styles including all icon Masks (and counting)
    *Dynamic Wallpaper plus 4 Parallax Wallpapers
    *Statusbar, LoadingWheels and more UI theming
    *Icon PSD
    *Pictured PDF-instructions
    *26 FolderIcons including all seven 1ONE icon styles

    NOTE: Some of this features are separate free Cydia Themes. Just search at Cydia for "1ONE" to find all packages


    Iconomatic, iWidgets
    For the lock screen: GroovyLock or LockHTML3 (recommended)

    Works with:

    iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 with iOS 7 and iOS 8


    Enable the 1ONE theme and one of the seven icon style themes at Winterboard.

    Make sure you've enabled both "Use Overlay" and "Use Shadow" at the iconomatic settings.

    Main Widgets:
    -For using iWidgets long-press anywhere on the screen, choose a iWidget and make your setup at the iWidget menu.
    -Location code > Open this website:, type in your city at the search field and look at the addressbar of your browser, the 6 or 7 digits number at the end is your location code. For GPS weather you must also install the free tweak -Widget Weather- from Cydia.
    -To change the build-in portrait photo, name any of your photos to "You.png" (even if it's a JPG photo) and copy it to this path on your device: var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/1ONE Widget Small-or Large or 1One Portrait)/Images/ Size and shape doesn't matter, my widget scales and rounds it
    -To change the build-in slideshow you can replace the pictures "1.png" to "10.png" with any other pictures here:var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/1ONE Widget Small (or Large)/Images/Photos/

    RSS widgets:
    Choose one of the predefined sources at the widget menu. You can also change the text, displayed on the left of the feed and the refresh interval.
    To add/change feeds open the text file Options.plist (with iFile) at User/Library/iWidgets/1ONE RSS.../Options.plist. Example: at <key>BBC News</key> change the title of the feed and below, after <string>, add any other feed.
    Note: Depending on the feed the layout may vary, some feeds are text-only feeds.

    Twitter widgets:
    This auto-refreshing twitter widgets display by default the latest tweets of people I follow. Please read the pictured PDF Setup-guide inside the 1ONE-theme folder how to create and update your own twitter list. You will be able to add or remove users from this list (and this live widget) directly with your iOS twitter app.

    4 Theme wallpapers for iPhone 4/s and iPhone 5/c/s are stored inside the 1ONE-theme folder. Open one of it with iFile, save it to your camera roll and enable it from the Settings or Photos app. This Wallpapers are special larger Parallax optimized wallpapers, they won't get enlarged by iOS and get blurry then.

    Dynamic Wallpaper
    First enable the "1ONE Dynamic Wallpaper" theme at Winterboard, then start your Settings app and choose the 1ONE Dynamic Wallpaper there.

    Start Settings - Zeppelin and enable the 1ONE logo

    -If you use LockHTML3 (recommended) enable the small or large Main iWidget for your lockscreen and make your setup at the LockHTML3 menu.
    - If you use GroovyLock enable "1ONE Widget(large or small)GroovyLock" at Settings/GroovyLock. In this case you must do a manually setup at this file: User/Library/GroovyLock/1ONE Widget (large or small) GroovyLock/config.js
    Note: The manually refresh button is displayed but doesn't work on Lockscreens.

    Folder Icons
    Needs the free Cydia tweak "FolderIcons". Provides all 1ONE icon backgrounds and 20 glyphs.

    MORE Icons:


    * Icons not themed ?
    Make sure you enabled both Shadows and Overlay at Iconomatic. For unthemed icons it can be usefull to delete the icon cache with the free Cydia app iCleaner and then REBOOT (not only respring) your device.

    * Don't like the clock separator blinking ?
    here at post 158 is a workaround:
    Attached Images 1one-modmyilogo.png 
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    Very nice!
    2014-03-29 03:43 PM
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    Awesome !
    2014-03-29 04:07 PM
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    I like the textures/styles at the base of the icons underneath the glyph style images, it's a unique idea
    2014-03-29 04:15 PM
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    Wow, very nice indeed.
    smaller sig.png
    2014-03-29 04:26 PM
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    Thanks. Yes it's a mix of 2pixel line Icons with descreet background textures/graphics. Think its a new idea.
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    2014-03-29 06:26 PM
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    Sick blue!
    2014-03-29 06:27 PM
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    thanks, this shows 3 of the seven build in styles
    2014-03-29 06:30 PM
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    Nice!! Can I donate now???
    2014-03-29 07:53 PM
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    Ahhhhhh!! Me want now
    2014-03-29 07:55 PM
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    There will be a beta next week. Please don't donate in the meantime.
    2014-03-29 08:58 PM
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    As always great blue.
    Keep an eye on this.
    2014-03-29 11:54 PM
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    Awesome as always Mr. Blue
    2014-03-30 12:09 AM
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    You are sick Blue! Totally crazy
    The best set of round icons out there. salute...
    2014-03-30 05:48 AM
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    Can't wait blue nice as always
    2014-03-30 02:20 PM
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    This is beautiful Blue! Nice work as always!
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    Latest icons:

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    2014-03-30 10:05 PM
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    Nice...very nice...
    2014-03-31 02:17 AM
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