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    Here's the background story: I have an Infiniti G37 with the factory 7" non-nav display (in the dash). It displays the radio and contols information. I've added an adapter box that lets me pipe my iPhone 4S video and audio directly to the head unit. I then replaced the stock screen protector with a 7" touchscreen overlay and a MimicsX2 bluetooth adapter. This allows me to switch between the stock display and a fully touch-controlled 7" iPhone. Check out the details at: Full iPhone Video Control on Factory Non-Nav Screen. - MyG37

    So, that's not really what I wanted to show off. I really didn't like the iPhone UI with the stock Infiniti display, as it wasn't designed for landscape nor for a car environment. My solution was to create a Dreamboard theme from scratch that was landscape by design, looked very similar to the stock Infiniti theme, and made it easy to accesss all of the apps that I typically use in the car (Navigation, Music, Videos). InfinitiDash is my result. Check it out and feel free to download it and mod it as needed. Take note that most of the links are hard-coded to certain apps. This can be easily modified. It also includes several different backgrounds (that slide side-to-side when a menu item is selected). Backgrounds have to be selected manually through the plist.

    Infiniti Dash (landscape)-img_0028.pngInfiniti Dash (landscape)-img_0029.pngInfiniti Dash (landscape)-img_0030.png
    2014-04-01 07:45 PM