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    14/04/2014 09:35 AM (GMT+4) : JellyLock mod and iconomatic styles available. A dropbox has been created for all mods, templates and icons. Main package update on the go.

    Hey iCommunity,

    It's been a loooong time since I posted here for my latest theme. Many things have changed and I already came in my difference threads to give you some news about my new life. Those who are following me are also aware of my luck.

    Anyway, I found "a couple" of hours 2 months ago to create a simple icon set based on my second theme Themis. I was a bit frustrated on that one because I was not fully satisfied on icons and never found a moment to release my secret black and white mods.

    So after "a couple" of hours (days), I was running on my freshly jailbroken device 7hemis dark/clear icons sets. Just icons. But anyway, there were not that much things to theme on iOS7. So I said : "this will be released as a free theme, shared to iCommunity, developed with iCommunity fellas and completely open source."

    And now here I am. Bringing you my very last theme for iOS. All my other babies found new dads and will all be iOS7 compatible or already are but that one is my gift to you.

    I will not describe the theme, it's free so just install it and enjoy or uninstall it if you don't like.

    This is a solid base, many things are missing and I'm pretty sure you will all find some good hands to complete this theme.

    Myself will be hanging around for a couple of weeks until my second patrol of the year and then I will no longer help. Support will only be made by you all!

    Before the screenshots, I have to give credits to my great buddy Daddykool666 who helped me a lot on this theme especially on widgets (once I knew how to use HTML...). This guy has to make his own theme some day, please leave him alone!
    Also thanks to all my team : Fontme for the amazing font, Jato_BZ for the settings icons, Paradox_V1, ZooropaLG, Srioz, Alfroggy, Krima, Alexse25 (he will bring icons too).

    Now how does 7hemis look like?

    What can you find in the initial release ?

    2 icons sets with over 300 bundles and over 250 different icons
    Some settings icons
    Some UI
    One ColorKeyboard theme
    A couple of wallpapers directly in the settings
    2 zeppelin logos
    Auxo and Springtomize themed
    A custom font (using Nikodecs font, credits to FontMe)
    UISounds for old devices
    As usual, many iWidgets and HTML Lockscreens ported by Daddykool666.

    Many others things will come later!

    Thank you all for those moments shared and for the experience / help you gave me. Also for the "few" dollars But some say I deserved it... Thanks anyway. It was and still is a pleasure to create something from scratch and see that people like it.


    Some people may want to send some money in order to thank me. I cannot disappoint them Didi you know I'm still running an old iPhone 4 ? Maybe your money will help me purchase an iPhone 5C so thank you in advance if you do so. ulysseleviet[at]gmail[dot]com


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    2014-04-04 10:08 PM
  2. bAdkid's Avatar
    Wow dude! This is awesome loved it on iOS 6
    2014-04-04 10:10 PM
  3. Krima's Avatar
    So happy that u decided to port this theme. I love these icons and I think they look even better on iOS 7. I still cant believe u r giving this theme away. Very generous of you. I think people are really gonna enjoy these icons.
    2014-04-04 10:21 PM
  4. Fattone66's Avatar
    You just made my day my friend a great looking theme.👍👍👍👍
    2014-04-04 10:28 PM
  5. DA_GHOST's Avatar
    You are an awesome person bro!! Great theme cant wait and i WILL be donating
    2014-04-04 10:33 PM
  6. daddykool's Avatar
    Just have to say a big thank you to Ulysse for letting me a big part of 7hemis yet again!!

    You have been a true inspiration bro! It's been a great pleasure and honour to have been on your short journey in the iCommunity! You have given us so many Amazing themes! Your talent will be greatly missed by myself and lots of others!
    A true gentleman and a very good friend!

    7hemis iOS 7 is simply a BEAUTIFUL theme and for free!!! You guys have been spoiled!!

    I'll be around also guys. Anything I can help with im here!

    More goodies to come!!

    Enjoy and share the Love!!!!!

    Ulysee you ROCK!!!
    2014-04-04 10:35 PM
  7. Yugo's Avatar
    Nice !!!
    2014-04-04 10:39 PM
  8. Cocopuff's Avatar
    OUTFREAKINGSTANDING Im standing in salute to you my friend, your boss.
    2014-04-04 10:48 PM
  9. P0R7ER's Avatar
    Can't wait.. I'll gladly pay for this theme again. 👍

    Thanks to the Generous people on these threads. if it wasn't for you, then my iPhone would be naked
    2014-04-04 11:01 PM
  10. ulysseleviet's Avatar
    Thank you for replies guys! All packages have just been submitted! Should be available soon
    2014-04-04 11:20 PM
  11. rjr1124's Avatar
    Now ill be refreshing cydia every half hour until it pops up! Thank you so much for bringing this bad boy back, cant wait to post some screens!
    I too will definitely be donating as this is quite a gem to release for free!
    2014-04-04 11:27 PM
  12. daddykool's Avatar
    2014-04-04 11:29 PM
  13. mossdef's Avatar
    thanks ulysse
    2014-04-04 11:32 PM
  14. Fattone66's Avatar
    Killer as always daddy you're one of the best my total respect.👊
    2014-04-04 11:39 PM
  15. rjr1124's Avatar
    Wow. Just wow. Looking pretty darn amazing!
    2014-04-04 11:44 PM
  16. DA_GHOST's Avatar
    Thank you for replies guys! All packages have just been submitted! Should be available soon
    Sweeeet!!which repo if i may ask?mmi takes very long is why i ask
    2014-04-04 11:47 PM
  17. Krima's Avatar
    Screens don't do it justice. Looks so much cleaner on your device. I love the photo icon. How I'm rocking this beauty.
    2014-04-04 11:59 PM
  18. #m37h{'s Avatar
    woow,this is really great can't wait to try it !
    very nice job,and with alex doing icons i know i will not be able to take my eyes off of my wifes phone
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    2014-04-05 12:05 AM
  19. sephiroth726's Avatar
    I enjoyed Themis a lot but this one looks even better (and FREE O_o!)... I look forward to checking this out, thank you!
    2014-04-05 12:05 AM
  20. kristatos's Avatar
    One of my very favorite themes in iOS6...I cannot believe I have the pleasure of enjoying this theme again...

    The screenies look great!...

    Thanks a lot for this work...
    2014-04-05 12:51 AM
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