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    Infinity Script.
    Dark and Light
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    I was planning on releasing this last week. But I have had an unreal amount of work since then. I have been lucky if I get four hours of sleep. So, recently the production of Infinity Script has slowed down. I will be completely done with work on May 1st. But I plan on releasing a beta before then. As you can tell, the theme has a dark and light version. The UI is in progress and will be included in future updates. BUT, the Blur widgets will be included in the beta.

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    I did not think I was going to have time to post today. I have more widgets completed and in the making. I also have more lockscreens done. I will be taking Icon requests, I want this theme to be as complete as possible. I will update this thread when the beta release is ready!
    2014-04-22 08:36 AM
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    Looks awesome!
    2014-04-22 09:21 AM