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    master u dont have a folder of facebook/ thanks
    2014-08-02 09:59 PM
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    Eat your .... Huh thanks but don't swing that way.
    Okay this is not the direction this needs to go. mrDLewis while I appreciate your willingness to donate to Akaya and his work, he does not want any donations as of yet. This beta is a test to have other people bring ideas and requests to help his theme progress. I'm sure Akaya and the rest of us appreciate you bringing what icons are necessary to his attention. Have patience believe me I have plenty of icons to theme as well. I also thank you for your curiosity and questions, it's the best way to learn.

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    2014-08-02 10:28 PM
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    credit to akaya for theme and hell7 iconomatic
    please show me how to get this nice iconmatic. TIA.
    2014-08-02 10:32 PM
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    If u look back u will see I've asked for downloads updates. I've asked for pictures.

    Still nothing. I've said I donate for them. And when they have come I've asked what's goes in what com. Folder and app bundles or another way round. I did that so I am trying to learn but not easy cause of my reading issue I have. But I am trying. I've waited week not one or 3 pictures has been done and seen lot of ppl have one here.I've said please and said thank you. And wood pay as my way saying thank you.

    I'd donate to modders if they wood share.
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    2014-08-02 10:36 PM
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    happy to give first update and not discuss.

    One step more:

    Credit to creators
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    2014-08-02 10:45 PM
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    [QUOTE=robertus;7120505]happy to give first update and not discuss.

    Very nice and clean looking. Must say I've seen lot of Modz, lock screens and sbhtml pictures but hardly downloads. And Akaya said won't b in Cydia as asked him by PM. So how r we all to get and enjoy this?

    Or donate to some of the modders.

    Dr I just said:"give before take"

    Wonderful robertsus where do you take wall layer and layout iconoclasm?thanks
    Mod edit; chill bro.
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    2014-08-02 11:08 PM
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    Started working on a dark leather layer for Lion D'Or. Not ready yet.

    Credit to creators.
    Gorgeous !!!
    2014-08-02 11:22 PM
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    Hi the first come more I do not the folders.-21.png -22.png
    -23.png -25.png -26.png
    -29.png -30.png
    -25.png -26.png
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    <a href=http://s7.directupload.net/images/130318/q3pbatui.png target=_blank>http://s7.directupload.net/images/130318/q3pbatui.png</a>
    2014-08-02 11:26 PM
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    Well my first ignore candidate, and I've already spoken to Simon a forum moderator and will be talking to bombmom too who is another one

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    And sorry but your threats of "let's do this" on a forum thread is extremely lame

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    2014-08-02 11:30 PM
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    Yep- u think I'm gonna sit back and let someone say eat my ball or what ever it was and not comment back. Think again.
    I did not start this at all.

    And if u wanna get me block do say. Emails and names I can make again and your never no who I am. So not a problem. I was polite until I was told eat my balls. That was in called for. Anyway can't b asked now carry that ok. As I stop as long that person keeps his comment to his self.

    Thank you Akaya. I am happy. 😱😎👊💫thank u have I am will wait not a problem at all just wood b nice to see few that's all. Great work thank you so very much and when donation start please let me no as I'd truly like to donate too you. Thank you again.
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    2014-08-03 12:26 AM
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    Hi all,sorry but got to say my peace,
    MrDlewis321 the first rule in these threads is to show all "IOS-Users respect!!!"whether they be Theme-Creators/Coders/Modders or just general ppl willing to give their time to help towards an Artists-Creation,there's a lot of ppl all wanting various aspects themed,and yeah it may feel frustrating at times,but these guys work hard and put in many hours to get what you have on your device,the last thing they want is this.
    2014-08-03 12:50 AM
  12. D&I_GRAPHICS's Avatar
    2014-08-03 01:30 AM
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    [QUOTE=D&I_GRAPHICS;7120579]https://www.dropbox.com/s/2l65dg6b6i6ut7v/IMG_5842.PNG[/url] https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0me8qd7q4nypuu/IMG_584.png


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/k61c50k48wy35f3/new-Lion%20dr%20iconO%202.theme.zip: diese link eror
    2014-08-03 02:30 AM
  14. Chris47's Avatar
    2014-08-03 05:02 AM
  15. Mary48336's Avatar
    Beautiful set up!
    2014-08-03 05:08 AM
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    Thanks for sharing...

    I can only download the images as jpeg's, so I couldn't get the pendulum wallpaper transparent. Just in case anyone else had the same issue, here is mine:

    I also made one for my LS version I shared a few days ago:

    I included the new inlay and wally with the original download. Might as well redownload it again since I clearned up the original inlay and wall a lot better. Download link is in this post:


    Thanks again to Akaya99099 for the great theme... and thank you to minhtiez for sharing the wallpaper.
    2014-08-03 06:45 AM
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    Here you go :

    Credit to the creators !
    Đẹp qu anh ơi, share em đi anh
    2014-08-03 07:18 AM
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    Thanks for ALL your shares They are greatly appreciated! On the above LockScreen, only the city changes to English for me. I changed to en in the configuration js but city is all that changed. What did I miss?
    Peace out @hip5

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    2014-08-03 07:27 AM
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    Thanks for ALL your shares They are greatly appreciated! On the above LockScreen, only the city changes to English for me. I changed to en in the configuration js but city is all that changed. What did I miss?
    Peace out @hip5

    My version is English only. The translation is in the main.js. Jusephe71 has a Spanish version...

    Jusephe71's main.js, should be compatible with my LS Gold widget.

    Or... you can make the translation modification yourself in the main.js file.

    Last resort, you can try Steph53940's version with my overlay and inlay images:


    Hope this helps...
    2014-08-03 07:55 AM
  20. c4mex's Avatar
    Credit to the creators
    2014-08-03 07:55 AM