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    Attached Thumbnails -akira4.png   -lion-d-2.png   -akira-99099.png   -lion-d-.png  
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    2014-05-05 08:07 PM
  2. Cocopuff's Avatar
    If its anything like that symbol awesome. sorry the only thing I seen was the symbol but now those icons pop up sweet
    2014-05-05 08:09 PM
  3. robertus's Avatar
    Congrats on your first own gold theme, Akira.
    From what i have seen this will become a stunning gold theme.
    2014-05-05 08:39 PM
  4. henftling's Avatar
    looks great Akaya! The white gold Combo looks great
    2014-05-05 08:44 PM
  5. Fattone66's Avatar
    Looks fantastic Akaya!!!👍👍👍
    2014-05-05 09:26 PM
  6. Jazzman UK's Avatar
    Icons look stunning my friend, well done.....  lc=GB&currency_code=GBP&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3aftdj  azzsig%2egif%3aNonHosted
    2014-05-05 10:05 PM
  7. Topskysurver's Avatar
    Hallo Akira

    Schön das Du dein Talent endlich an die Öffentlichkeit bringst. Die ersten Bilder sind schon vielversprechend.



    Icons look stunning my friend, well done.....
    2014-05-05 10:20 PM
  8. ellersbee's Avatar
    Akaya....white & gold is the best!!!! You already know I am in. Need any help just let me know brother
    2014-05-05 11:32 PM
  9. Akaya99099's Avatar
    Thanks to all I will give my best've .Thanks
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    2014-05-05 11:39 PM
  10. dapes's Avatar
    Looking forward to this 👍
    2014-05-05 11:56 PM
  11. Karoonchai's Avatar
    Awesome and very nice gold.
    2014-05-06 12:39 AM
  12. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Awesome bro, very nice to see you putting out your own theme!

    Very excited!

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-05-06 01:28 AM
  13. ruedi04's Avatar
    awesome work
    iPhone 5S, iOS 7.1.2 jb
    iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.4 jb
    iPad Air 2 WiFi+Cellular 64 GB, iOS 8.1 jb
    2014-05-06 05:39 AM
  14. Yugo's Avatar
    Looks good!
    2014-05-06 06:15 AM
  15. uhoffi's Avatar
    nice work, I'm looking forward to it!
    2014-05-06 12:26 PM
  16. Mary48336's Avatar
    This is going to be beautiful!!! I only hope that it will be available once jb comes out for iOS 8 since I know there will not be one for iOS 7.1.1 - I lost my jb so now I have to wait....Have always loved your work
    2014-05-06 12:29 PM
  17. ellersbee's Avatar
    Akaya...I have something you may be interested in. I've been making a Gold & White Coffee Diary mod and haven't shown or gave out any of it. PM me please
    2014-05-06 01:40 PM
  18. It's Mi's Avatar
    Hey Akira

    Wow, I really love to see you creating your own theme at least!!!
    Looks really nice!!
    The white one could be a transparent one, too
    Just a little suggestion because I love transparent themes with iOS7
    For sure I will be in as you know how much I love your work, bro
    Please take your time, don't feel forced to release it as soon as possible. Good thinks will take their time

    Liebe Grüße
    Last edited by It's Mi; 2014-05-06 at 02:15 PM.
    Have a nice day and lots of fun with your iPhone !!
    2014-05-06 02:12 PM
  19. TeddyDiesel's Avatar
    Love it! Have always loved your work that you put together, very happy to see you create your first theme! Can't wait to see how this evolves. Thank you!
    Last edited by TeddyDiesel; 2014-05-06 at 05:23 PM.
    2014-05-06 04:03 PM
  20.'s Avatar
    very nice Gold combo from Germany..
    2014-05-06 04:59 PM
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