1. Aurum's Avatar
    Septium - New Theme Coming Soon-img_4952.png

    Hey guys!
    I've just recently finished working on a new iPhone (and soon to be iPad) theme for iOS 7. I've included a screenshot of some of the themed stock icons above. Please leave any icon requests, concerns or comments below so I can improve on it. I'm still a bit new at this this. The new theme will include a cydget, a themed UI (control center, etc..) and a few wallpapers!
    Note: The icons represented above may vary a bit on launch which will be happening very soon.
    Stay tuned and please tell me what you think!
    2014-05-16 02:42 PM
  2. XboXEmaXX's Avatar
    WOW, just...WOW !
    Can't wait man !
    2014-05-17 01:12 PM
  3. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Not really different than all the other "almost same as stock" themes running around lol. But nice start man. Surenix did start something didn't he? Haha
    2014-05-17 02:46 PM