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    scripts: Dacal, Mone, Max

    24hr format
    12hr format
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    Off topic but Happy birthday MamaJaay!
    Fine here iWidget clock

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    credit: schnedi, laurent

    LS Reddish
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    2014-07-20 03:54 AM
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    credit: schnedi, laurent

    PAtienceSBHTML v.12

    LS Patience v1.20
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    2014-07-20 09:40 AM
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    Off topic but Happy birthday MamaJaay!
    Fine here iWidget clock

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    Please do not post anything without sharing a LS per MJs strict instructions.

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    Fixed my post better?

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    I feel better.

    Happy B-Day MJ!
    Thanks everyone. And since I'm abiding by my own rules:

    MJSmash GROOVYLOCK version updated to 2.0 and submitted to Cydia

    --Changed to 12 minute walls
    --Fixed weather not showing
    --Added option in config to turn Animations off/on
    --Added RainPane Animation option
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    Since there seems to be a Gold Rush going on here on ModMyi with new gold themes, and gold iconomatics... I'll post this here too...

    SBHTML: 4 Day Pendulum Gold Conversion

    If you haven't downloaded the original 4 Day Pendulum Widget, you can get it here:

    You need SBHTML... which you can download from Cydia... if you want to use this widget. It comes with 4 different colored sbwallpaper options (black-default, red, grey, and white), 2 status bar color options (black-default and red), and the Gold images for the Clock Pendulum widget (Credits to Kai312 and Marty McFly).

    Gold Conversion Replacement files download link below screenshot...

    Download Link:

    I put all the replacement files under the same folder names as the original widget download to make it easier to know where the replacement files go.

    Credits: Schnedi, Decal, MamaJaay, bombmom, Ferlop15, Marty McFly, NewdestinyX, Ian, KOH, Kai312, chevymusclecar, Akaya99099, Jazzman UK, and everyone in this community that help and share. Special thanks to my friends, Jusephe71, azaleea, and Lucys.
    2014-07-21 07:58 AM
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    Ok, after hours of playing, I've finally got the fantastic widget exactly how I want it. So let the gold rush continue!

    Mods include:
    1. Separated glass and bezel and put glass over text for realistic effect.
    2. Changed scrolling font and changed other fonts from CSS standard.
    3. Added black background to widget.
    4. Removed background layer so wallpaper selected from lock screen wallpaper


    Requires LockHTML. Massive credit to Marco29 for original widget, Hell7 for modification and Jazzman for support.


    Here's the JellyLock7 handler if anyone wants that's too:

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    I shared everything in the fuel thread..

    Here you go!!! Here's the clock Widget. Need iWidgets tweak.

    For the widgets, You need LockHTML and SBHTML installed.

    and the icon layout is by me custom made from the tweak Homescreen Designer.


    ssh to var/mobile/library/HomescreenDesigner/Layouts
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    credit : cTn
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    2014-07-22 12:39 PM
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    New working link for the DARKSTAR clock iWidget

    HTC One X iWidget

    and the icon layouts

    HTC Widget Homescreendesigner layouts
    2014-07-22 11:41 PM
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    MJ's Wallpaper Collection - Walls added frequently in 6 resolutions
    640x960 (iPhone 4/4s)
    640x1136 (iPhone 5/5c/5s)
    960x1720 (iPhone 6)
    2048x2048 (Retina iPad)
    1920x1080 (1080p for Desktop/iPhone Panoramic)
    1280x800 (MacBook Standard)

    -----Free to use in your widgets/mods/themes (credits for the collection appreciated, but not required) or simply as wallpaper. Please keep this link handy, as it will never change.-----


    50+ Wallpapers added today in all resolutions, and I've added this to the first post of this thread
    2014-07-23 07:28 PM
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    This SBHTML theme was inspired by lots of different ones I've seen recently, so with the help of NDX, I made it my own design and I'm really pleased with it.

    Uses UniAW GPS weather too!


    You can download it here:

    Here is the wallpaper I used, which you must save to your camera wall and change in - I don't like it when themes make you have a certain wallpaper!


    This one works well with it too:

    Credit to my pal NewDestinyX for helping me improve my coding to get it just how I wanted 👍 and credit to the UniAW guys, who rock!

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    2014-07-24 05:22 PM
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    2014-07-24 10:35 PM
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    script - schnedi
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    2014-07-25 02:32 AM
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    This stunning UniAW version of the LS widget is now completed! Credit to Oldster, Marco, Hell7 and the great Ian Nicoll for his hard work doing the UniAW conversion. You now have all those gorgeous UniAW animations (which also switch on and off now) and the excellent reliability you've become used too with this awesome app.

    It looks gorgeous people. I Have submitted to Cydia, however you can download it here for the time being:

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    2014-07-25 05:29 AM
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    sript - schnedi
    inspired - 2yo
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    2014-07-25 12:50 PM
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    You'll find these extraordinary Multi Touch Scrolling Lockscreen widgets for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s sizes.

    Completely compatible with iOS7 lock screen players excluding cydget.

    Touch the clock for three configurable time zone clocks!

    Touch the date for a full sized mont calendar!

    Touch the upper half of the screen for a configurable RSS!

    Touch the lower half of the screen for sunrise/sunset times and a four day forecast!

    *Items configured in the config.js


    Find it here 👉

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    2014-07-27 05:40 PM
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    Script - Schnedi
    Simple B&W
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    2014-07-28 05:31 AM
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    One of my favorite widgets is erayser's SBHTML Exquisite Shelves. Sometimes, however, I might not be in the mood for shelves or they may not fit with the icon set/iconomatic I'm using. For those times, I've modded Exquisite Shelves to remove the shelves (). This version also adds a frame to the weather image and moves the clock and weather info. Since there are no shelves I'll just call it SBHTML Exquisite.

    All credit to erayser.

    SBHTML Exquisite



    (As always, let me know if something doesn't work as the most likely explanation is I messed up moving/cleaning stuff.)
    If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?
    2014-07-28 01:04 PM
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    Afterhour V.1 Addons

    Credit To : smr_95 - Schnedi

    LT iLeft :
    SBHTML iRight :
    LT Wallpaper :
    SB Wallpaper :
    HSD Plist :

    Happy Ied Mubarak

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    2014-07-28 06:53 PM
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