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    my newest fit all phones, thanx to creators .credits in txt file

    switch for GB+ in config.js,enjoy


    here are two more options for walls

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-weatherinfobgx.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-weatherinfobg.png
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    2015-03-28 04:53 PM
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    2015-03-29 03:04 PM
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    2015-03-29 07:31 PM
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    Simple lock for y'all
    Base script - Dacal, Modded by Schnedi
    Wall is included, thanks to the creator/s
    Font - shared by MONE

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    2015-03-31 11:33 AM
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    Simple SB.

    Only for iPh 6.

    S3R [email protected]
    <img src= border=0 alt= />
    2015-03-31 04:43 PM
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    Window+V9_UW7.1_Sital (UniAW 7.1)

    Coded for GroovyBoard+. Instructions for converting back to GroovyBoard (SBHTML) included.

    Alternate wall without the diamonds is included along with instructions on how to switch to it.

    HomeScreenDesigner plist file included for iP6.


    Credit to Ian, Dacal, and the WW2 team.
    If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?
    2015-03-31 09:24 PM
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    2015-03-31 10:20 PM
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    LS City Grillaogrillain (lockhtml4 and infostats)

    Hello, here I share this widget which produced GrillaoGrillain to i6 starting smr_95 widget. I have modified to i6 plus, I changed distribution and images of the widget.I modified some image smr icons with images of uniAW(Dacal-Ian). configuration(config.js) has two elements one at the root and another inside the weatherwall folder. Credits GrillaoGrillain, smr_95, Dacal, Schnedi, Jeeepers and all creators widgets and themes

    i6 plus download:
    for use in i6 replace lockbackground for it :
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    2015-03-31 10:39 PM
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    2015-03-31 11:54 PM
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    SBHTML Thewaytozion Blue Motion (5/6/6+)

    Initially I started the SBHTML with a blue layer (the reason for the name of this SBHTML), but during coding I thought "Why should not the User decide?!" . With that I added a bunch of options to this SBHTML:

    - you can change the color of top layers and bottom layer using rgb values in config.js (I added 2 config.js files for red and blue top layers)
    - you can select the font you like (can be set in config.js, use one of the 7 fonts provided or add your own font)
    - many wallpaper-options (default iOS wall, Userwall, RandomWeatherWalls, WeatherWalls)
    - user can activate/ deactivate vintage effect for wallpaper
    - option to show a shadowed (gradient) statusbar

    - battery bar at top of screen
    - Option to show (0 to) 5 extra weather locations on screen, just activate extra locations in settings app (settings/Widget Weather 2)
    - depending on dayhour you will get several hints from your device
    - added two tiles at the bottom, (you can add your own set of pictures, which will be shown randomly on the tiles)

    - GroovyAPI
    - Widgetweather 2
    - InfoStats


    Tested on iPhone 6, should work on iPhone 5 and 6+
    2015-04-04 12:45 PM
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    Test test. I dont know why my post deleted many times ???
    Read the first post of this thread.
    2015-04-04 02:35 PM
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    LS Lion_TechRN
    SBHTML Square_TechRN
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    2015-04-04 03:11 PM
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    LS Steel (WidgetWeather 2.0)

    iPhone 6.

    WidgetWeather 2 and InfoStats required.

    Works with GroovyLock or GroovyLock+ (switch in Config.js).

    Credit to June'sIphone for the weather icons.

    If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?
    2015-04-05 05:12 PM
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    Old style UniaW for GB+. Credts for weather icons Kelly Kretchek.
    2015-04-05 06:39 PM
  15. smr_95's Avatar
    Base script - Dacal, modified by Schnedi
    Quadrat iconomatic - Mone
    Square pattern wall - thanks to the creator/s
    Hide dock using sp3 or other similar tweak


    Mone Quadrat Iconomatic
    Iconoclasm layout
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    2015-04-06 04:09 AM
  16. smr_95's Avatar
    Base script - Dacal, modded by mone
    Clock script - Mone
    Wall - thanks to the creator/s, edited by me

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    2015-04-06 05:54 PM
  17. smr_95's Avatar
    Base Script - Dacal, modded by Schnedi
    Battery - Mone, edited by me
    Walls - thanks to the creator/s
    WeatherIcons - Liam T (Hodhr)

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    2015-04-07 05:47 AM
  18. smr_95's Avatar
    Base script - Dacal, modded by Schnedi
    Wall - thanks to the creator, edited by me

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    2015-04-07 01:13 PM
  19. Boots's Avatar
    a couple mods of smr_95 widgets
    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-imageuploadedbymodmyi1428460246.024137.jpg
    credit to creators for the weather icons
    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-imageuploadedbymodmyi1428460369.888948.jpg
    in each mod ive place an unamed overlay image so u can save it to camera roll and place it over top of any wall u want to use
    hope yall enjoy!
    2015-04-08 03:35 AM
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    ok got another lol sorry double post I KNOWWW I KNOWWW!
    LS mod of Mone's flip clock (comes with 2 color clocks)
    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-imageuploadedbymodmyi1428462545.468898.jpgShare your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-imageuploadedbymodmyi1428462574.524315.jpg

    credits to all original creators for script and design

    SB mod of schedi/ Map1978 J25 (requires sbhtml)
    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-imageuploadedbymodmyi1428462647.914267.jpg
    icon theme is afresco a mod done by Mone

    thanx to yall for puttin out these great widgets!
    2015-04-08 04:12 AM
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