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    Okay guys, you already have the mod....Here's the overlay, under the screenie,

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-ferlop-88nex.png
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    2014-06-01 08:14 PM
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    Okay guys, you already have the mod....Here's the overlay, under the screenie,

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-ferlop-88nex.png
    Nice job bro! Can you Please put it in a zip file! ?😁🙏
    Thanks bro 😎👍📲
    2014-06-01 08:21 PM
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    Strictly inspired by dbar crew

    Groovylock theme

    Download >>
    2014-06-01 08:45 PM
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    Also just finish making a new overlay for this..
    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-weatherinfobgtazxz.png
    2014-06-02 12:19 AM
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    Thank you all for sharing let's keep it going!

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    2014-06-02 12:38 AM
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    LockHTML3/GroovyLock: LS Animated Lucys Mod (Updated from 2 years ago)

    Going old school with a little update...

    Jusephe71 shared a 2 year old mod that Lucys and I played with when were into the Boss iOS theme recently. I just wanted to say that my intentions of sharing my updated version is not meant to disrespect my good friend Jusephe71 or Lucys. They are like family to me, so there is no way I would do that to them. I did help with the original overlays, and decided to keep the same one we shared 2 years ago. Back when we were still learning theme modding, the easiest thing to do was display the lockbackground images or hard code a image file path locally. This was the start (very first mod) of many mods we did together. Last night, someone mentioned how to add weather, so I thought the widget could use a little update.

    Download link below screenshot:
    Updated with Temp, location forecast, and rotation animated images... while trying to keep the original look of the widget.

    Download link: [email protected]

    NOTE: I'm not a fan of cutting holes in wallpaper. My preference is using the wallpaper I set in settings or from my camera roll. If you prefer this too, then you need to comment out the call to the Wally.png file in the LockBackground.html file:

    <!-- img src="Images/wally.png" width="320" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index:1;" -->
    I never delete code just in case I want to put it back in.

    EDIT: More current inlay and wally option from Jusephe71

    hi here are the inlay and wally for widget, I think I can do better but the iphone looks good

    Credits: NateD, Schnedi, Max Pa1n, Jusephe71, and my very good friend Lucys.

    Those who use it, I hope you enjoy this classic...

    EDTT: Updated overlays, and added 3 day forecast. Minor color changes on Style.css

    You still need the original download:
    Download link: [email protected]

    Here are the updated replacement files (wally.png, inlay.png, and Style.css) for 3 day forecast:
    Download link: [email protected]

    Credits: NateD, Schnedi, Jusephe71, and Lucys
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    script - schnedi
    LS CircleWidget Mod
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    2014-06-02 05:47 AM
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    LS Top, a groovylock theme (classic view and Convergance.tweak version)

    Download >>>
    Thank you, very nice!!....Was the wallpaper posted?, haven't seen
    2014-06-02 07:31 AM
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    2014-06-02 07:48 AM
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    2014-06-02 08:13 AM
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    2014-06-02 08:15 AM
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    2014-06-02 04:44 PM
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    2014-06-03 02:35 AM
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    LS S3
    script - schnedi

    LS S3


    JellyLockBulb made by me

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    2014-06-03 02:37 AM
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    LS Diagram
    Overlay - Dacal
    script - schnedi

    LS Diagram
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    2014-06-03 04:02 AM
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    2014-06-03 04:16 AM
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    LS Corner
    script - schnedi
    wall - iOS8

    LS Corner

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    2014-06-03 04:28 AM
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    2014-06-03 04:35 AM
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    script - schnedi
    iWidget maker - tuan
    Use option distance from top/left to move the widget
    Hi! Simon. Can you please share wallpaper? thanks you ^^
    2014-06-03 08:10 AM
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    Surething brotha
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    2014-06-03 08:23 AM
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