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    Hello Themers, Modders, and Users alike. A problem that I am seeing in a lot of threads is that there is no central location for people to post widgets. A widget will get posted in one thread, then a screenshot in another, and then we get that ever persistent question: "has this been shared? If so, where?" And then we are directed to yet another thread. My goal is to have one thread that people can post their LockScreen or Springboard widgets and people can peruse through that thread. This may take off, and it may not, but I truly believe that it will make it easier to find a large collection of available widgets for use to all.

    There are a couple rules that I think will make this thread manageable and not cluttered:
    1) We have the thanks button for showing of appreciation. I know it's a bit unorthodox, but will eliminate all the junk to have to search through. Think of this as a searchable catalog of widgets. A one stop shop for you to make your phone stand out. By all means, if you are having trouble with a widget, please ask, so that you and others reading it into the future may also be helped. EDIT: this is for FUNCTIONALITY problems ONLY. if you have personalization questions, please PM the creator, or ask.
    2) if you share a screenshot, please make sure that it's something that you can share freely, and then share it. Each post should contain a download link.
    3) please include a description and/or what tweaks or dependencies you will need in order to run the widget.
    4) make sure it is a COMPLETE download. If it's a home screen widget, one that will require a iconoclasm/homescreen designer plist, please make sure it's included with the download. And if you forget this, please just edit your original post. An additional post is not necessary.
    5) there's no rule about also posting the mod/widget in the thread of the theme you've made it for. (And I still recommend doing that!) Yes, I understand this is going to make for a few duplicate posts, but there were probably 500 widgets shared in the redline thread alone. There's probably been thousands of widgets shared in the multiple elite threads. Some really great widgets, but how many of us want to go searching through pages and pages of old theme threads for widgets?
    6) doesn't matter if it's new or old. Doesn't matter if YOU made the original or not. If you find something cool,maybe in an old thread, as long as it's a freely shared mod... Post it. If it's something you could post in another thread without conflict, post it here too!! You don't actually have to be a widget maker to contribute to the growing collection. Credits to the original creator are always proper etiquette, but this thread isn't about credit. It's about FREELY SHARING again. Let's get back to our roots. Let's get back to the community.

    With that said, I'll get this party started with a sample post below.


    Will need GroovyLock, LHTML3, or Convergence. Can also run on the springboard with SBHTML by changing "LockBackground.html" to "Wallpaper.html"

    585 wallpapers. (Contains all the walls that are currently in the #MJWalls app) Auto-Scales for iPhone 4/5, Currently set for 2 minute wall transition, change this in config.js

    (If you want to use this for SpringPaper, all images are in Images/SlideShow)

    MJ's Wallpaper Collection - Walls added frequently in 6 resolutions
    640x960 (iPhone 4/4s)
    640x1136 (iPhone 5/5c/5s)
    960x1720 (iPhone 6)
    2048x2048 (Retina iPad)
    1920x1080 (1080p for Desktop/iPhone Panoramic)
    1280x800 (MacBook Standard)

    -----Free to use in your widgets/mods/themes (credits for the collection appreciated, but not required) or simply as wallpaper. Please keep this link handy, as it will never change.-----


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    Planet Parallax:
    DCL Slideshow w/ weather option:
    DCL Slideshow w/ weather specific wallpapers:
    DCL Slideshow basic:
    DCL Full Pano Slideshow:
    Lightning gif:
    Dacal Yahoo Gif Weather:
    UNIAW ultimate pano walls:
    UNIAW Plane:
    UNIAW scrolling frame iWidget:
    UNIAW gif weather:
    Normal iPad slideshow SB wallpaper version:
    Gyroscope enabled iPad slideshow SB wallpaper:
    DB_WW_dkframe_iOS7 iWidget:
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    Animated Circle iWidget:

    Download Link: [email protected]


    Animated Circle SBHTML conversion replacement file:

    Download Link:

    - You will need the iWidget download to do the conversion
    - You will need SBHtml from Cydia if you want to use the replacement files.


    If you want the Animated Circle widget alone at the top, all you have to do is download the iWidget from the above link, and rename "Widget.html" to "Wallpaper.html". Then copy the widget folder into the following location:



    If you Animated Circle widget alone at the Bottom, then copy the replacement files from the "AnimatedCircle_bottom_widget" folder to the correct locations:

    Wallpaper.html in root directory of the widget.
    Style.css in /Css
    sbwallpaper.png and wally.png in /Images
    *NOTE* I included my iconoclasm for this setup. Don't forget to unzip the file before copying it to your Iconoclasm/layouts directory.


    If you Animated Circle widget (top) and 3 day forecast (bottom), then copy the replacement files from the "AnimatedCircle_top_with_3day_forcast_widget" folder to the correct locations:

    Wallpaper.html, TimeBG.html, and TimeBG2.html in root directory of the widget.
    Style.css in /Css
    sbwallpaper.png and wally.png in /Images

    2014-05-25 10:57 PM
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    It's about FREELY SHARING again. Let's get back to our roots. Let's get back to the community.
    Love this, old school when we modded for the love of it, not $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Kudos MJ and all.
    smaller sig.png
    2014-05-25 11:03 PM
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    - vWallpaper w/ custom videos
    - SBHTML w/:
    -- WidgPodge (combo of UniAW & WordClock/Date) rewritten by King O Hill
    - iWidget w/ custom AssistantLarge

    Original Video:

    Non-vWall Video:

    Updated WordClock/Date Screenshot:

    SBHTML Download (for those that don't have it):

    WidgPodge Download:

    Custom vWall videos:

    AssistantLarge modified files ONLY:
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    Yes, great idea MJ and thank you for this thread! Here's some of my stuff

    Helvetika Elegante

    Download Here
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    Awesome idea! Thanx MJ

    Attachment 669376

    will need SBHTML insure if in cydia yet but search SBHTML here!

    2014-05-26 12:09 AM
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    great initiative, congratulations

    SB tribute to lucys, thanks and credits to all involved (code Dacal, schnedi, erayser and lucía of course). I have put a photo taken with my iphone 5s for the widget. photo of the tops of my volcanic island, as you see in the picture. I fix small problem with gps now works, Works with SBHTML, enjoy

    iconoclasm, thanks erayser

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    Classic Weather

    Download Here:

    Red Hot Classic Weather
    2014-05-26 12:29 AM
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    Here's some 'McFly stuff' . Hope it's ok just to link to the original thread/posts? All download links are still live....

    Marty-Dacal Mod LS

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-marty-dacal-mod-2.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-marty-dacal-mod.png

    Original Post:

    Marty-Dacal Mod LS v2

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-marty-dacal-mod-ls-v2.png

    Original Post:

    Marty-Dacal Mod LS with Dynamic Google Street View

    Original Post:

    McFly World Clock iWidget

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-mcfly-world-clock-iwidget.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-mcfly-world-clock-iwidget-2.png

    Original Post:

    Accuweather GPS, myLocation iWidget w/Touch Forecast

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-accuweather-gps-mylocation-iwidget-w-touch-forecast.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-accuweather-gps-mylocation-iwidget-w-touch-forecast-2.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-accuweather-gps-mylocation-iwidget-w-touch-forecast-3.png

    Original Post:

    WidgetWeather UniAW6.4 McFly" with the Rainy Day effect added

    Original Post:

    Widget Weather Ezra themed UniAW iWidget

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-widget-weather-ezra-themed-uniaw-iwidget.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-widget-weather-ezra-themed-uniaw-iwidget-2.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-widget-weather-ezra-themed-uniaw-iwidget-3.png

    Original Post:


    Original Post:

    McFly Thermometer LS and iWidget.

    Original script taken from here:
    Special thanks to Dacal for his help with getting this to work with the Widget Weather tweak.

    ***Option for Celsius or Fahrenheit set in Widget Weather settings app***

    Lock Screen

    Some of the options in config.js include...
    - setting the thermometer scale min and max numbers.
    - setting the thermometer fill colour
    - Turn the random 1 in 5 Weather Walls on/off

    Download Link: McFly Thermometer LS


    Download Link: McFly Thermometer iWidget


    Credit, respect and admiration to my talented friend Ferlop for all the artwork and the original widget. I just added the touch forecast....

    Download Link: CD iWidget v2

    McFly Countdown iWidget.

    Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-photo-1.png Share your LockScreen/Springboard Widgets-photo-2.png

    Original Post:


    Nice to have everything in one place. Thanks MJ. More to come...
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    Nice idea MJ,
    here's my small contribution

    Snow & FlowerFalls iWidgets (winter & spring mood)

    iWidgets tweak needed

    thanks to Saurik & Durben

    click on images to download
    keep them free, please do not add to payable packages


    theme used: Patience
    <img src= border=0 alt= />
    2014-05-26 03:01 AM
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    So Here is my SB 😃

    Credits Oldster,Hell7 And Sigit


    It Work whit SBHtml

    Enjoy 😜
    2014-05-26 04:11 AM
  13. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Here's one...

    You can also tap the screen for a calendar view... iPh4/4S

    Need WidgetWeather tweak and myLocation switch on...

    Part of the Ultimate Edition Series so has plenty options in Config.js


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    Here is my mod of the Elegante iWidget - colors and font size can be adjusted using the style css
    Just need iWidgets installed
    Enjoy MMI fam
    More to come after holiday weekend

    LimpiOS widget from Schnedi originally adjusted to my liking

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    2014-05-26 05:48 AM
  15. Komatins's Avatar
    2014-05-26 08:03 AM
  16. Zooropalg's Avatar
    LS inspired by Magnet77 with Schnedi's basic script

    Download >

    A groovylock theme

    2014-05-26 01:13 PM
  17. YaBhoyB's Avatar
    LS Gear by smr_95 (Simon) modded by me to match the Afterhours colorkeyboard.

    I use it with groovylock. You can change the colors in the style.css to your liking. Wallpaper should be included with the zip.
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    2014-05-26 03:25 PM
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    Here's iVidski23's LT iCircles Lockscreen modded by me

    Download Here:
    LT [email protected]_RH
    2014-05-26 08:33 PM
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    Oh I'm sure!! Nice walls as always, Keep em' coming.
    Nice thought MJ,well done!
    Guys, trying to keep this thread lean. Please no more of these. Simply hit the thanks button instead. Thanks in advance.

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    2014-05-26 09:41 PM
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    Sharing a couple of mine. As always thanks to Ian,Dacal,Ferlop,Augustborn,KOH and the Widgetweather team. Here are the widgets, the two big clock widgets are the same, I've included both clock faces ,weatherinfoBG and css, just renamed them to get the other look.

    1.UniAW6.4_ABSB1 (WW).theme

    HSD layouts
    Attached Files
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