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    Gyro HD 3 Config
    Version 0.0.2
    (Only tested on iPhone 5s)

    Here is a simple graphical interface I threw together to edit your Gyro HD 3 .plist files. It isn't the sexiest GUI in the world, but it gets the job done!

    Gyro HD 3 Editor-screen1.png

    • SFTP Directly To Your Phone
    • Add/Remove Buttons
    • Add/Remove Pages
    • Edit Favorite Application Icons
    • Edit Game Icons
    • Move Buttons
    • Edit Button Image
    • Edit Button Actions
    • Edit Default Settings
    • Edit Onload Functions

    You Can now SFTP Directly To Your iPhone!
    You can now edit your Gyro HD 3 Theme without manually downloading/uploading the files yourself. Just click the "Open iPhone" button under the SFTP dropdown menu and enter your iPhone's IP address. Once connected you will have a dropdown list of all your dreamboard themes. Choose your Gyro HD 3 Theme and press the "Select Theme" button. It's that simple! When you are done editing, save it back to your phone and respring!

    Gyro HD 3 Editor-sftp_form.png

    Change Your Default Wallpaper:
    If you want to change the default wallpaper Gyro HD 3 chooses after a respring, simply change the "wall" setting in the "Default Settings" table.
    Gyro HD 3 Editor-wallsetting.png

    Force Start Animated Weather:
    Animated weather by default does not show up by default after a respring. If you want to change this, add the following lines to your "onStart" list:

    <string>sety LAW 50</string>
    <string>hide WeatherOn</string>
    <string>show WeatherOff</string>
    Gyro HD 3 Editor-onstartlist.png

    Add a button:
    Just click "Add Button" at the bottom of the screen to add a new button to the selected page. Then use the button editor in the upper right to modify it's: Image, location, actions, appicon.

    Add/Remove A Notification Icon To a Button:
    While using the button editor in the upper right corner, you will find a checkbox labeled "AppIcon". Check or uncheck it to add or remove the linked Notification Icon.

    Note: The app icon, by default, links to the icon's first launch action. This can be overridden by changing the textbox below the AppIcon checkbox;

    Gyro HD 3 Editor-appicon.png

    Raw Button Editing:
    If you want to do more advanced editing, click the "RAW" tab on the Button Editor. Here you can edit the button via a tree structure, or directly edit the button's XML.

    Gyro HD 3 Editor-raweditor.png

    Everything else should be self explanatory. If you have any questions or requests, send me a message.

    This is an alpha release! Every save is backed up into "/[THEME_FOLDER]/Backup/[SAVEDATE]/Theme.plist". If you experience any issues, PLEASE send me a message.

    • .Net Framework 4.5
    • OpenSSH Installed On iPhone (for SFTP feature)

    Version 0.0.2:
    • Added SFTP Features
    • Added Backup Restore feature
    • Minor improvements

    Download: Gyro-Hd-Config-0.0.2.zip

    Version 0.0.1:
    • Initial Release

    Download: Gyro-Hd-Config-0.0.1.zip
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    Updated to Version 0.0.2

    You can now SFTP directly to your phone!
    2014-06-09 02:57 PM