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    Infinity script has over 500 icons themed at the moment. I want this theme to be one of the few themes that covers as many icons as possible for iOS 7. If you want to join my repo (Which includes blur LockHTML and blur iWidgets) please visit this website and submit your info.This will eventually be on Cydia for $2.50, which is the same price as my beta repo. I do not know when or if I will release the widgets that blur behind the content. If your interested and want specific pictures just let me know, I have no issue talking one on one. Also, if you donít have/want to spend the 2.50, and want to use this theme, let me know and I am sure we can solve the issue (; The last thing I want is for someone to NOT be able to enjoy a theme because of money. Anyways, if this is approved and uploaded to Cydia I will create an official thread for icon requests. Honestly, itís the worst when you have a few icons not themed but on your main springboard page. and.. non themed icons stick out like no other with this themeÖ so I want to theme everything. Also, I released this on reddit two days ago, and got a few ideas. My repo also contains two new versions. One is a dark version which is coming along, as well as a version of only the glyphs. No words. Thank you to everyone!

    Here are links to pictures
    - UPDATE - Imgur
    - Update - Imgur
    2014-06-12 12:41 AM