1. Asator's Avatar
    I really like this. I just purchased it. Can't wait to see some more icons themed.

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    2014-06-23 03:03 PM
  2. ndhoang_angimex's Avatar
    i like it. Thanks bro.

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    2014-06-23 03:09 PM
  3. Hunter Thompson's .45's Avatar
    I love this theme, first of all, and I just purchased it from Cydia. I made an account here just to post on this thread. 99 cents is very low for the quality work you've done.

    Are you taking icon requests? I just have one that I want done, if possible. I would be willing to donate more to you if you could clue me in on the process of making this happen.

    Great work once again!
    2014-06-23 04:30 PM
  4. Hunter Thompson's .45's Avatar
    2014-06-23 06:39 PM
  5. Cocopuff's Avatar
    Wow this is nice always was a fan boy of your work good job.
    2014-06-23 07:34 PM
  6. ogkikz's Avatar
    a little line icon..

    [email protected]

    a little vine icon too

    [email protected]

    nothing close to liquids work tho but if anyone wants to use them.
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    2014-06-24 04:30 AM
  7. sephiroth726's Avatar
    2014-06-24 11:21 AM
  8. Mary48336's Avatar
    Me this morning! Will you be making any folder icons? The ones I'm using are from 3 4 all

    2014-06-24 12:39 PM
  9. Mary48336's Avatar
    Can I request two icons please

    Bundle : Kindle.app
    Id : com.amazon.Lassen
    iOS required : 6.0
    IconFile : Icon.png
    IconFiles : icon-58 | icon-40 | icon-80 | icon-120 | icon-57 | Icon.png | icon-72.png


    Bundle : SiriusXM.app
    Id : com.siriusxm.siriusxmonline
    iOS required : 4.3
    IconFile : Icon.png
    IconFiles : Icon.png | Icon-ipad.png | [email protected] | [email protected] | Icon-Small-50.png | Icon-Small.png


    Playing! Thx to NateD for the WW and folder icons from Elza

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    2014-06-24 02:32 PM
  10. Fattone66's Avatar
    My sweet setup today.ImageUploadedByModMyi1403618508.792359.jpg

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    2014-06-24 04:01 PM
  11. dannyk1984's Avatar
    My sweet setup today.ImageUploadedByModMyi1403618508.792359.jpg

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    Awesome setup tone 👌👌👌
    2014-06-24 05:04 PM
  12. ogkikz's Avatar
    bytafont icon

    netflix icon

    google translate

    i can change the flag if anyone want to use it.. hehe
    2014-06-25 07:12 AM
  13. Yunu's Avatar
    Beautiful theme please make an IBOOKS ICON TIA
    2014-06-25 09:55 AM
  14. impe's Avatar
    2014-06-25 05:35 PM
  15. Hunter Thompson's .45's Avatar
    Any updates on icon requests?
    2014-06-27 04:54 AM
  16. ogkikz's Avatar
    Liquids said his on vacation out his country so maybe when they go back to his lab.. I will try to make some icon that i need on my phone this weekend but nothin like liquids work 😅
    2014-06-27 08:20 AM
  17. Hunter Thompson's .45's Avatar
    Thanks for the update. I hope he enjoys himself.

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    2014-06-27 05:45 PM
  18. Nykoscn's Avatar
    theme solar, fun and not boring, congratulations! ... I'm curious to see more themed icons. thanks👍

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    2014-06-28 01:59 PM
  19. Mary48336's Avatar
    Me ATM, thanks to all creators..
    2014-07-03 05:16 PM
  20. ulysseleviet's Avatar
    Still rocking that theme, I love the icons! Congrats dude!
    2014-07-05 05:08 AM
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