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    To start at the beginning, this is my girlfriend's phone that's be deactivated for over a year. Last week we called to check the ESN, and the Sprint rep said it was ready to be activated again. We went into a Sprint store to activate the phone, and it kept showing "Error 1000015: Error in service [email protected] 2f6d" Nobody in the store knew what that mean, and the lady at the store got a ticket number and called for support, but they didn't really know what was going on either. In the end I was told that the phone cannot be activated because it's unlocked and there's nothing that can be done to fix that--considering that I fix cell phones and computers for a living, I knew that was just a cop-out because they really didn't know what the problem was (an unlocked phone should be ready to be activated). The lady at the store used jailbroken and locked interchangeably like they're the same thing or something. I have personally jailbroken numerous iphones that continued to work on Sprint or be activated on Sprint, so can someone please tell me what is actually going on here?

    This phone is a Sprint iphone 4 that was purchased from Sprint.com, and I cannot figure out any reason why it would not work on Sprint. The ESN has been verified by Sprint as being good and ready for activation. The phone has been jailbroken, but not unlocked.

    Thanks so much in advance. I also apologize if I sound a little irritable, I just don't like it when people who don't have a clue what they are talking about try to convince me that, despite years of experience, I'm wrong and they are experts on the matter, even though they don't understand that there's a big difference between jailbreaking and unlocking a phone. Nobody on here made that mistake, but that's what the people at Sprint said, and I could tell by the sound of their voice they just didn't know what was wrong and they didn't feel like worrying with it.
    2014-07-03 10:56 PM