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    ANNOUNCEMENT > Zoobhoy will be submitted to macciti repo the 6th august 2014.

    Hello everyone around.

    Paulebhoy says :
    as some of you out there may or may not be aware of I’m a big fan of the modern flat design that people are bringing to there phones just now so i thought it was high time i had a go myself….. so i approached Zoo who i regard as having the best eye in the business when it comes to a classy minimal layout……as they say the rest is history and ZOOBHOY was born!

    i really enjoy a minimal feel, which is great because my Ps skill set isnt quite where id like it so thats worked out ok… i wanted a flat feel with a lil depth to give it a bit of attitude..then, for those still caught up in the use of shadows etc we wanted the theme to accommodate those out there that are still hell bent on that iOS 6-ish look so we added some depth…. and with iconomatic we have a theme that we believe will appeal to a variety of tastes...ive had a lot of inspiration over the years and ive tried to bring some of those past themes back to life a wee bit with my own touch of course….im not a graphic designer or anything like that and i dont sit behind a computer 24 hours a day either… i dont play mine craft, COD or any of that, my main aim in life is to see as many boobs as possible and nobody will ever achieve that strapped to a computer…. and thats what this theme is about! simple.

    Zooropalg says :
    Here we go for a summer theme called ZOOBHOY !
    My friend Paulebhoy extracted me from my previous theme to make something totally different and so fresh.

    ZOOBHOY will change totally the look of your springboard with many cool icons.
    Flat but not so flat.
    Inspired by so many other creations we tried to mix all that we love inside this project.

    ZOOBHOY has attempted to modify many aspects of the UI without over powering it, giving it a distinct yet familiar feel.

    As you know us, ZOOBHOY will come also with groovylock themes and some subtil iwidgets.
    We have 2 special fonts from dbk1ng and fontme. More to come

    We need beta testers and my brother iPixThemesHD has made for us a repo dedicated to ZOOBHOY.

    We are ready now and accept donations and YOU will have access to ZOOBHOY by adding a repo and give us your UDID.

    Are you ready ?

    If yes the paypal address is [email protected]
    Minimum of the donation is 3$99 / 399 / 3󌎓
    Inside your paypal commentary just add an email to send the repo address but also your UDID
    To find easily your UDID, go from your iphone via Safari.app here > Get UDID or IMEI in one tap. Find UDID of iPhone or iPad.
    If one of this option is not in the donation we will not send you the repo address.
    For ipad users, sorry but no version for you at the moment. No idea if there will be an ipad version in the future.

    One more thing when you donate and do not have an email quickly do not be too much angry. Sometimes we are sleeping and not in front of our computer to activate your UDID and validate your donation.


    Photostream >>> https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A4G4TcsmGa4g9g
    Attached Thumbnails Zoobhoy-photo-2.png  
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    just to add... please be aware that i live in Australia which is in a different timezone than most of you out there so please bare with me ... i'll get to you. i'd also like to add i drink a lot on the weekend so expect me to be hung over for most of it.... please bare with me .. again ill get to you lol.

    hopefully we get to see some screen shots that are adults only, bad *** and sexy as hell.... by that i mean no porn people!! seriously if you got that on the your phone you probably also keep the hand lotion next to your computer and you'd probably wanna take a look at your life.... =] other than that have at it ladies and gents....
    2014-07-05 09:31 AM
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    Another screenshot

    2014-07-05 09:48 AM
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    please please please post your email with your udid in the comments section of paypal..... i will not hunt you down if you dont
    2014-07-05 09:51 AM
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    I'm in. I'm in iPhone 5s 7.1.2
    2014-07-05 10:08 AM
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    You guys are accepting donations for the theme now or later? Kinda confused by the post. Thanks

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    2014-07-05 10:14 AM
  7. Zooropalg's Avatar
    2014-07-05 10:19 AM
  8. Vgutierrez96's Avatar
    Tight and we can get the theme now too?

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    2014-07-05 10:23 AM
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    Zoo & Paule, I'm in for this ride too, just like patience. 👍👌🔥
    Sending over 💴💵💷💶

    EDIT: funds sent

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    2014-07-05 10:33 AM
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    Can you check pm? Thanks

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    2014-07-05 10:41 AM
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    Damm looks very nice will donate it

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    2014-07-05 11:15 AM
  12. CaptainOdious's Avatar
    Whoop whoop! Looks hot, really nice job bud!
    2014-07-05 11:16 AM
  13. ajitbtw's Avatar
    Donation Done😊😊😊 can't wait to hv ZOOBHOY on my ip5s

    Transaction id=69X70718WH864124H
    Email - [email protected]
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    2014-07-05 11:17 AM
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    Just donated!

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    2014-07-05 11:20 AM
  15. bombaytweeting's Avatar
    2014-07-05 11:28 AM
  16. impe's Avatar
    Oops o forgot my mail !

    transaction ID : 3R663378SR9749441

    My mail : [email protected]
    2014-07-05 11:33 AM
  17. Paulebhoy's Avatar
    Oops o forgot my mail !

    transaction ID : 3R663378SR9749441

    My mail : [email protected]
    I've refunded ur donation ... Please resend with UDID and EMAIL thank you.

    2014-07-05 11:36 AM
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    Just a heads up. Zeppelin logo gets installed to /library instead of / library/zeppelin. Thx for this amazing theme. I've been watching for it. Great work!!!!

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    2014-07-05 12:02 PM
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    Donation sent, let me see what you have created
    iNZTW3 - Legacy - 2UINique - "new" z|ui - Rebirth HD - ElitePro HD 2012 by iPhone ie - MiOS - elite6 - eli7e
    Icons, Wallpaper and more : http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/elilab/library/

    eli7e Icons, Wallpaper and more RaR-Packs : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qwcnwfdg84poo/eli7e
    2014-07-05 12:15 PM
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    Very nice

    Mail: [email protected]
    Help me ImageUploadedByModMyi1404555936.590979.jpg

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    2014-07-05 12:17 PM
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